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Originally Posted by invaderzim View Post

I'm very much secure with my decision to buy a new 2ss right from the start, thanks. and I love the little red midget stripe of the 45th anniversary so I'm very much happy with the color I chose.

look, youre obviously not understanding or just refuse to but just for kicks let's go over it one more time, k? I realize that you have a girls username and pic and that gets you a lot of free passes here from the dudes but I'm not in that group. I see crap, I call it. I'm not going to look up quotes. but if people here care they can go back and see how you implied trading up didn't cost you. "nope. same term". and "some people here took a hit" or whatever. what about "i got a good deal from my dealer friend... payment only went up..." yea. you got a deal, alright... or how about the thread you started when you just decided to trade? what's was it "my loan is going to be completely wiped and ill just start over..." or something like that? "bluebelle" over there already posted the one with you bashing the ss guys. how the only reason guys would want one is to compensate for "other shortcomings".. listen, we both know the truth. you defended your v6 to the death then came back a couple weeks later and started a thread about how some guy with a v6 mustang pulled up to you at the carwash and you revved your v8 so he could hear what a real car sounded like or something like that. its obvious you settled for the v6 and upgraded to the 8 as soon as you could. as obvious as the fact that just can't admit you're one of the ones that got hosed but feel its worth it. that's my problem with you. not that you upgraded. but the fact that you seem to have little or no integrity, self respect, or dignity. I'm just not going to bother with you any longer. everyone here can come on and post anything they like. you're no exception. just know that not everyone here is new enough to the site to not have been around for your "i could've afforded a v8 if I wanted but don't want it" and "i don't care for the rs package that's why I don't get it" posts... we both know the truth. so yea. I'm just a hater. I'm either jealous that you got to drive both the v6 and v8 or I don't like that you traded up because I wanted to be the only one with an ss....
Gosh this is getting old. If you dont wanna go back and read ALL my old posts thats fine but lets be accurate, k? I couldve afforded a SS the first time but didnt for practical reasons already mentioned. My old loan was to be completelyvwiped out but it didnt work.out that way and I have posted that b4 & in this thread that I took a hit. Nope I didnt want a RS package even on my SS but I was late getting a new '11 and a RS package was all they had and my SS was still 4 hrs away. Now if you would like any other information, can you direct it privately? Stop pretending to know me and what I post. Obvisoulsy you have missed some of my posts. Things change sweetie.....
2014 2SS/RS Summit White w/ IOM interior "Powder 2.0"
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OK, Here's the deal...All V6ers get together, and all V8ers get together, bring clubs, chainsaws, hammers, whatever you think will inflict the most pain on the OTHER guy, and we'll all meet at an agreed location and beat the HELL outta each other!! Last man (or woman) standing WINS! What do y'all think????
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OK... this is going nowhere...

No disrespect to anyone but lets put a stop to this before any infractions are required.
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