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Drives: 2012 crystal red camaro 2LT
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Audio Settings

What settings work best in everyone's Camaros? In terms of bass, treble, etc.
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Drives: 2017 ZL1 A10 & 2012 2LT RS
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If its stock i found 12,12, 12 to be decent
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Drives: 2011 Summit White LS
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Before I upgraded my entire setup, I think I had bass at 6 (the max before I got rattles), I think I had mid around -2, and kicked up the treble to I believe 10 or 11. Everybody has different tastes in sound and its hard to get a good sound period with the stock setup. I myself love treble and have had people in past cars tell me to fix my settings or started trying to press buttons and I had to slap their hands away. The dude who installed my headunit had some EQ settings that made me want to kill myself until I got in and messed with them, but im sure they sounded good to him.
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Drives: black 1lt 2012
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8 for treble, 5 for bass and mid for me. As already stated its all personal preference. I do adjust it per song, depends on the download quality of what I'm listening to.
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Drives: 2012 LS M6, Black
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The total balance of your EQ curve should total somewhere around zero, otherwise it's similar to just turning the volume up. If I dial up some bass and treble, I'll dial out some midrange to emphasize the other changes.

Presently, I'm using a +2 bass, a -2 midrange and a +1 treble. I listen to a lot of talk radio/comedy channel and some rock.

To each their own, but I have to laugh when someone says +12 on everything (sorry), as you're not getting anything different. You're trying to use the EQ to equalize the sounds to your liking, not as a booster.

John B.
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Drives: 2011 RJT 2SS/RS M6
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I use -8 for treble, -6 for mids, and 4 for bass. I also disconnected my center speaker.
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Aural Assault Vehicle
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Drives: 2010 IBM 2SS/RS, 2015 Sierra Denali
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0,0,0 - but that's with a Clarion EQ after the head unit. I used to run something like 8,6,12 I think. Anything over 8 on Bass had my rear deck rattling like crazy.
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Drives: 2012 1LT SIM Auto
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+2 bass, 0 m, 0 t (non-BA system) before my sub install. Now -2, +2, 0.
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Originally Posted by IneedAZ View Post
If its stock i found 12,12, 12 to be decent
That's no different than 0,0,0.
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The only thing I've touched, so far, is lowering the midrange by 8, and lowering the fade by 8. So, it's -8 for both. That seems to make the sound "sound" like it's coming out of all of the speakers evenly (to make up for the center speaker, which really shouldn't even be there), and it makes it so that you can't really tell where the sound is coming from - which is how a speaker setup should be. I was always of the belief that changing these settings is mostly to make up for problems with your listening environment - but since the stereo was programmed for this size car, it should already be tuned for the proper listening environment. Only issue with this, is the center speaker. So, I believe that the -8 on those two settings will be the best way to have the optimum listening environment, without actually removing the center speaker.

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audio, radio

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