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Well this show crashed and burned..... BUMMER

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Originally Posted by Capt_Pooty View Post
Sounds like it... Why the reason to bring it to a public forum ? If it is internal drama for a club, I would keep it to the site or PM, not to tarnish the rep of the club..
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My intentions were never to "bash" the club. This was directed to a certain few individuals and then someone else stepped in and got into it. Now someone else is seems like they know what is going on and just there agreeing with his club...but that;'s ok. Support your club even if you dont know hwts going on. Let me set the facts straight. This is what happened and everyone can have an opinion about it and see it from another point of view.
The club was falling apart and being held together by the sercretary...he was doing the best he could. Then someone else stepped in and seemed like they were telling him how to do things. We attended a meeting and the sec stated that we should have new officers in the club and make the Pres and VP just founders of the club. I went along with what he said since everyone else more or less seeed to agree. I suggested we wait at least till the next meeting to decide something like that. To make contact with them and let them know what was going on.
NExt thing I know this guy is changing our club decals. They use to be small and on the quarter panel windows. Now he was deciding that the club use large back window size decals. I made a statement that I personaly didnt like it and that something like that should be decided as a club. Well I started getting flack for that comment. I wasnyt about to stand silent, being I was an officer. So he states that if I didnt lkike it I didnt have to put it on my car. I did not get upset and so I decided to make a joke of the decal and changed it up and then reposted ythe new version of the decal. Well that didnt go well either. It all started there. After that it was down hill. Someone made a comment and I fired back. Yeah it may have been childish somewhat but I was dealing with youngters here, you have understand. Then the subject was brought up about events and we bang heads again. After all was said I said the club was no longer the same and it wasnt for me. I departed and then shortly afterward the president finally spoke up. He asked me to not associate with his club any more. The rest you all have read here. I know some of you will think why bring it here. Well they didnt want me posting on their site and now they want me away from thier thread...and then they complain when I make my own thread.

Let me clear a few things up too about that club.
It was a great club!!! I enjoyed the friendships I had and the things we did when we did do them together as a club. The president is a great person and everthing clicked when he was in control of the club. We all work and have our reasons for not being there. But this was his club and should have been there more. Maybe all of this would have been avoided. But anyways...The cars are beautiful and they have some great mods. I dont know if and who helped them with them. I was never informed that we were getting together to do mods. I did all of mine on my own. While in that club I was proud to be in it. But at the end, it was really falling apart and everyone that knows the club can agree. There was a final attempt to recover the club,but I was alrady out the door. They seem to be doing better now. They are doing things that I always suggested we do as a club. Maybe they did hear me and just should have waited longer to see my suggestions in action. BUt it was a long time that had to evolve. You guys in the club know I alwys suggested a lot of things..I hope you continue to flourish and become better.

It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.

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