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Cool iPod indexing problem

I have an ipod classic 5.5 Gen 160GB. I'd like to use the USB interface to the NAV with this but every time I try it says indexing and never goes away. I'm reasonably sure its cuz I have the ipod filled (about 25,000 songs, yes I like music) and thats overloading it. I also have it set up so every album is a playlist since a lot of the music I have is not tagged. Not sure which is tripping up the NAV in the car but it never loads and is always stuck in indexing. I see about 40 playlists out of 1500 and the rest of the tiles are blank. I know I can always use the aux input but just wanted to see if anyone out there was in this boat with me. I'd much rather have the ipod go through the NAV than just the aux input which shows no info. Any mods to make this work? I know on my truck I have a way to set control to the ipod so I can use the ipod to select songs and such but the sound goes through the usb cable. Any way to do this on the ZL1 NAV? Thanks for any info.
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Too many playlists IMO. You can play albums as albums if the artist name is all the same
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