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old school chevy rodder
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I did what you are thinking of only I went with a ss coupe and the options....sun roof, dual mode exhaust, heritage grill and can add some 1le suspension upgrades later, as i did not think much of a black hood, the zl1 wheels and tires in a rainy state, and the 3.91 is not much more than a 3.73 rear. Not that the package is not a good price, just that I have taste that runs into my own mods to customize. Click on my handle to see my album of some of the mods i added in less than two months. I love the crt paint too. And the dual mode and manual rocks compaired to the auto, and the new upgrades to link, mirror, camera, steering wheel, dual power seats that raise some, rear end geometry. Its up to you, i lost like 5k plus as i got a good trade in value and had only 5k on the car..a black 2ss/rs vert 2011 ..a pic in my garage. And the polished alloys grow on you, I paid about 41k with a clear shield and footwell lighting thrown in. Its tougher to trade a vert in the winter too.
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Originally Posted by ZL600 FK View Post
Did you upgrade an SS Camaro for your 1LE? And no "vert", if you just want improved handling you upgrade fairly cheaply and get a big improvement - keeping in mind he indicating no track time.

I did not think the vert lost anything in handling to an SS due to the reinforcement that was added - not that effects me since my car has full race suspension.
I have a driven a regular SS and it does handle better than my vert, but not by much. I think its because of the extra 250lbs the vert has to lug around
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Originally Posted by SSboy View Post
So, I've had my 2011 2SS vert for a little over a year now. It was the first convertible to pop up in town, so I jumped at it, sacrificing manual for automatic. I'm overpaying for it as well, seeing as it was owned by the dealer, who only put 300 miles on it, but wanted full price. Nonetheless, I am completely in love with it. I had been following the ZL1, but had no clue about the 1LE until recently. Now I am considering trading my love in for a new 1LE coupe ($3,500 for 1LE package means no transforming). My camaro is my daily driver (minus snow months of course), and I'm not looking to take it to the track. So, is this a dumb idea? The way I see it is I'd be adding the penis back to my car (manual tranny), small performance upgrade, and a much cooler in dash audio and nav system, and I'd be losing my rag top and a years worth of payments.

so... opinions camaro faithful?
oh... not you convertible haters tho.
I think it sounds like a good trade and not a vert hater.
I'm may consider trading my 12' L99 in for a 1LE in about a year or so when I'm not upside down in payments.
I'm a car hopper though. I usually trade cars in every 1-3 years always wanting the latest and greatest I can afford.
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Man, as everyone has listed above its all about your desire and your wallet... To me..... I love my SS Vert....... just saying
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if you are good financially i would DEF do it!
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I have seen members take a loss from going to a Auto to a manual several times on this forum. That alone is worth it as the manual is 80% of the fun imho. As for getting the 1LE that's just gravy. The hard part for me would be to give up the rag top.
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Mike C
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I'd keep the vert. Save a little money (OK a lot), get the 1LE track pack, ZL1 front & rear brake kits for your vert from Chevrolet. Go Here.
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I appreciate all the input from you guys. I'm kinda surprised by the convertible love. But, I've decided to keep my 2SS Convertible. I'd bounced back and forth on whether I should keep it stock for better trade-in value if I ever decided to trade-up (LS7/Z28 rumors), or just do my own mods. A $60,000 car would be quite of a stretch for me financially, and honestly, I'm just too attached to her being my first car I've bought myself. I'm not a motorhead and have never done any mods to any vehicles myself, but I'm sure I'm in the right spot to get information on where to go and what to do when 400 horses and a neutered convertible isn't enough.

keep the convertible and eventually mod it.

figured I'd show you guys what she looks like...

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Beautiful car. I'm glad you are keeping it. My search for an awesome very continues....
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old school chevy rodder
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Drives: 2013 2SS/RS Manual,DM exhaust,CRT
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Location: Oregon
Posts: 4,758
check out mast motorsports or livernois if you want to undue the AFM and VVT to build the l99, good luck
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1le, 2ss, convertible, trade-in

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