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1968 Camaro block heater box

My 68 Camaro has a small block heater box.
I would like to replace it with a big block heater box.
Will they match up or is there a big difference?
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It will fit, but the heater cores are different. The metal lines are in a different location to clear the big block valve cover.

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There is a 1st Gen section on here as well.

That said, you may be able to check your local parts store to,see if they have an adapter that allows the big block heater to fit on the small block. If not, Check a Local speed shop as well to see if they know of some one that does custom mode work if you're not comfortable doing it yourself.
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they both come out the top but on the big block both lines come from the right side of the core while the small block has a line on the left and the right. If I remember right the core holes are different as well. The boxes the only difference is the big block box has more room to clear the exahust manifold and the 396 valve cover and of course the holes. If you are doing cooling I think you need to check the hoses as the big block if I remember right had a big crook on the suction side.
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Just a FYI, this thread will most likely get moved to the first gen section.

Shouldn't be a problem. On the small block heater box/core the lines come out on the extreme right end of the box (red arrows) and the lines interfere with the big block valve covers. The big block box is the same stamping but with a hole cut for the lines to come out the middle (blue arrow) and the heater core is different. Might even be able to cut a hole for the big block core in your original small block box. You'll have to change the heater core as well, but it would be pretty crazy to tear into something like this and not spring for a new core anyway. Link to a site with good price, plus it comes with some of the other stuff as well.

You'll also may need the big block core mounting clips:

With these two things (and the clips above) and a big block core you could mod your small box block box for big block core:
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Originally Posted by jmh1cam2 View Post
My 68 Camaro has a small block heater box.
I would like to replace it with a big block heater box.
Will they match up or is there a big difference?
Yes it will work $80.00 for the Heater core $50.00 for Box assembly!.. from classic Ind.
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Simple. As stated. But the clips don't fit worth beans. And the cores are incorrect from some vendors.

Go to Team Camaro forums. There is all the info you will ever want to know about repairing or modifying your car. Or go to to find out facts about Camaros.
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1968 camaro heater box

I did the conversion because I did not like the look of the sbc heater core exiting out of the sides, like the look of the center exit like big block. made a template and drilled holes in the small block heater box. replaced heater core with big block heater core.
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