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I am the victim of a scam by an advertiser's forum here

Oie for all members of this forum.
With all due respect I have been talking a bad experience I've had in my life, I was literally stolen by being in a country far away from you, always follow your site that is full of great content and tips from the camaro, I have a SS, and how everyone here likes to customize many tips and hear changes. Wanting to buy a grill grille of the Camaro ZL1, noticed that a seller would never cross my mind that he could do such dirty and take my money. I then decided to contact it and got the grill Camaro ZL1 for $ 97 plus shipping and for Brazil of $ 293.10, or the freight exceeds the value of the grid sometimes more often by entering into contact the seller to provide me a send trackable and below the automatic programmed by ebay that was $ 1,341, the seller returned me to the value of 293.10. So far so ok, I made the payment, I provided my address, and the seller sent the product by ups worth that cost him $ 278. Spent 2 days I contacted the ups Brazil, the attendant told me that the object was paralyzed as the shipping method was not compatible for Brazil and the same was in MIAMI, Florida, to return to the issuer.
Very scared, I contacted the "" "vendor" "and he said he will do everything possible to send me the object, I contacted the same ups and Brazil said the object would have returned to the vendor at no cost and return back, because the object was sent incorrectly by the seller with the ups his place.
I contacted the seller again and the same is omitted to speak, dozens and dozens of messages asking for solution and no answers, alas for my immaturity I decided to open a dispute on ebay, but the seller said the object was in Brazil customs and that I should hire a broker to withdraw it, and the ups and email the tracking code indicating return to the issuer and the issuer arrival.
Lost cause on ebay, claiming that the product was in Brazil, and how he had canceled ups shipping, tracking the object pulled from the air. ebay and was also cheated.
I get a chargeback on my account for $ 77, and the seller said it is 20% less reentrant object in your inventory and loss of 293.10 dollars shipping for having returned the piece.
But as delvovido if I did not even receive??? After he said that I asked to return the object, as I asked him to return and he even arrived in Brazil and have much less power to bar a shipment on which issuer'm not. I was at a loss, but I'm thinking a criminal complaint with entering federal police in my home country, claiming fraud. For product not received, the product tracking code that identifies all my arguments and partial return of something I did not even receive. And since the announcement of ebay not on this type of return. Being that I did not returned because neither received the product.
I will announce the person, you know him quite this advertiser within the U.S. thinks it restricts a bit to do this kind of attitude, because U.S. laws are very punishable, but he found a way to take my money and not responding for nothing.
Draw your conclusions and will soon tell what the dishonest person, you have to be careful when buying, mainly foreigners wanting parts for your camaro
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I feel your pain! I had it happen to me, GMparts house screwed me out of $25 because i canceled my order, due to super high shipping for being oversized! $25 for them to hit a few key strokes on the computer
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Oh boy, I should have known that the scam artists that keep my spam folder full would make their way onto the forums.
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I can prove it by tracking the object code, which does not want the item leaves the U.S., arrived in miami and returned to them, the error was theirs, had no expenses, only that I lost the money I earned working. ups who want to connect in Brazil and confirm everything about the incident. The Gm HOUSE PARTS took my money. mainly GENE CULLEY message sent by that I claim my rights with Uncle Sam. I am very sad about it all. I leave here my bad experience and that everyone atentes with this gentleman and his virtual company. he will not have the slightest conscience to ****.

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Wow this guy has been posting over every forum he can find. Hmm 2 posts and both this thread

You contacted us on eBay and requested a price for a ZL1 grille with the shipping costs to Brazil. We gave you the quoted price plus shipping and you harassed us repeatedly stating you wanted us to ship it for less and we told you we would not due to the size of the package. You then asked us to ship it without being in a box and we were not comfortable with that and could not accommodate you on that as we were afraid of damage. After multiple emails and multiple harassing emails you then agreed to pay the $97.42 + $293.10 for the shipping costs via UPS SCS to your location. It is not our fualt that your country requires you to register or hire a broker to pay the taxes and import tarriffs. We then shipped your item as we said we would and then you started harassing us regarding how you were going to accept the item, business vs. a non-business, etc. We have not had any problems with this shipping method to Brazil for any other person. Whether you're a business or not should not have any effects on your shipment. You repeatedly harassed us while the item was in transit regarding this and we even contacted UPS and spoke with them about it several times. At that point, after repeated harassment, we told you we could stop the shipment and get the item back here, but we would only credit you for the grille, minus a 20% restocking fee and no refunds on shipping costs. You refused the shipment and it was then shipped back to us. We did ship the item as it was able to be tracked and we did have to pay to ship the item and also had to pay to get the item shipped back to us. Hence why there is no refund on shipping.

We did receive the item back from UPS so we then credited you $97.42 minus a 20% restocking fee for $77.93. Again, this is for the original purchase price of the item, minus 20% restocking fee and minus any shipping costs as the original shipping costs are non-refundable. You were not happy with that so you then filed a dispute with eBay and eBay ruled in our favor immediately and read all of your emails to us sent through eBay and eBay thought you were also acting inappropriately and banned you from contacting us any further. You have done nothing but harass us all here and you've done it repeatedly. It is not acceptable. We have done what we said we would do and you sending us repeated messages is not going to change the amount of the refund. You can threaten whatever you would like to do, however, we do not respond to the threats and will not be intimidated by any threats you make. All can be proven to anyone who wants to know or asks as we have copies of all of the harassing and inappropriate things you've done.
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Sounds like a reasonable response to the issue. Doesn't sound like it was a 'scam' - more like the OP didn't like the answer.
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camaro5 very careful with this company

GM PARTS HOUSE, is simply an illusionist, I confirmed that ups the return part not cost them even 1 penny, and as I asked to return the object being that I have not received the object?? how can I cancel an order for delivery service ups being that I'm not the issuer?? I'm in Brazil as this could stop order?? do not try to pass honest, to harm people and behold the money that is not yours. Genne Culley told me to get Uncle Sam, YOU took MY MONEY, and still comes here call me a stalker??
Now who buys and receives the object and not lose money is stalker?? What company is this? that has a minimum of care and professionalism with the client??
pocketing money from honest people who buy from other countries?? just above another was injured by you. Today I will open a complaint with the Federal Police of Brazil and take all the data you by the appropriation of other people's money and not delivering the goods.
HERE is their report, as without aggressive and ruthless, and prejudicing the client still calls him a stalker ..... personal care, you also will still be called stalkers and run out of money and product, with unsubstantiated arguments.I wrote on a peace mission, nobody deserves peace, no one deserves to go through what I'm going through. lose $ 320 in just one click internet.
camaro5 very careful with this company
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Old 03-28-2013, 10:52 AM   #8
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Drives: Camaro V8
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Location: South American
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not returned the product, did not even receive. he boarded because it was not within the rules of transmission. and when he returned to gm parts house, not contacted me to return the money or showed a solution, just pocketed my money and solve their situation so favorable, being with my money. became a game of lies from them.
It is regrettable if this situation were the us, the consumer would have reasonable laws, as I am from Brazil and I can not complain there, they did're kidding me.
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Ok. You got to say your piece. You ordered a product. You agreed on shipping (or it wouldn't have shipped). There were unforseen circumstances on the buyers part bringing it into the country. Ebay agreed with the seller after the item was returned. You are not happy with the restocking fee (none of us like restocking fees, but that is an issue the buyer should be aware of when deciding to purchase from a company). The seller is not in the wrong. Again, you have said your piece and since you are now saying you are going to file a criminal complaint against him in your home country, you may now proceed with that route...and only that route. The matter will continue off the site.

Thread closed.
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