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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
converted its 14.7 mpg. All city, and shifting before 3000 rpm 98% of the time. The car only has 700 clicks but i dont think break in has anything to do with it, for the first 400 clicks the car was getting between 14-15l/100km, 15.6 -16.8 mgp, now its gotten worse with the same driving. I think my car might have somthing wrong with it

You are resetting the MPG indicator every so often right?
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yeap, just got home from work. Taking her out for a drive soon. Going to reset her again literaly for about the 7th time and see whast up. On the highway i resetted it and got about 10L/100km cruising at 125km and in 6th gear. I was happy with that, but then city driving came back. And i live in brampton so its like suburb city driving and the car went back up to 16.4. Then i filled up, and resetted her again, and then i got 16.2. So shes holding steady around the 16s but getting worse bit by bit with the same driving.
Going to the dealer next week for an oil change, shell be at 1000km so ill see what happens after the oil change and if there is no change. Then back to the dealer she goes. Thanks for your comments guys, i still cant grasp the fact that my V6 is taking 16L for 100km in the city
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Hey Dennis, do me a favor and fill it up and drive it to empty. Record the mileage as soon as you fill it and drive her until the warning light comes on. Let me know how many KM's you get to the tank. This method won't lie!
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Break it in. Thats what i did, you cant babby it either. Now im getting great MPG
Was i burning out?

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Originally Posted by pinkcamaro10 View Post
Yes, I have been driving my car fairly hard. When i take off from a redlight I always go over 3000 rpms. My trip to work everyday is 15 miles, for the first 7 miles or so it's highway then its redlight after redlight. So i guess about 50/50 hwy-city.
I like you Pink! Driving it hard will be an understatement for me after my break-in time!

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