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Apex made special arrangements to have my parts drop shipped to me, as I ordered around the same time as you. They really went the extra mile in my opinion.

I love Apex, I think they are one of the best vendors on this site. Sorry things didn't work out for you with them.
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Originally Posted by mikerogs View Post
"Secondly, failure on your part to plan ahead does NOT constitute and emergency on theirs."

You missed the point. I had a week to do the job and I ordered from a place that had 1-2 day shipping. That is called PLANNING AHEAD. Try to pay attention.
Good planning for a rush job would have suggested contacting the vendor first and verifying the part was in stock, then place the order. Most small businesses don't stock a lot of inventory. I have ordered Pfadt and Borla parts from Apex and every time the parts were dropped shipped from the manufacturer. It's the way most small business run these days. Pretty unlikely you would have gotten the springs anywhere else if BMR was out.

I understand your frustration though. Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way.
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I did contact them, but they were having phone issues, as was already stated, so it was impossible to have a conversation about anything. I was just hoping to have had some communication back from them if there was a problem.

Sorry, but I have a hard time buying all the excuses. Maybe there was phone problems the exact time I was contacting them...and Maybe they really did send a reply that somehow was lost in cyberspace (which is odd because the last reply yesterday went straight to my Inbox) and maybe it was just bad luck that an entire company takes a week off with no warning. Lots of 'maybes' and excuses. Sorry, but I am pissed. A simple "I am sorry" with no excuses attached goes a long way. I was in business for 15 years so I do understand how this all works.
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Dude chill the hell out. APEX started a thread to tell everyone theyd be close for a week. Apex emailed everyone who has been a past customer that theyd be closed for a week. Apex posted it on theyre website that theyd be closed for a week. How much more notice do YOU want that theyd be closed for a week. A personal plane pulling a banner over youre house, or better yet a neon sign hung in youre front window. Phone issues happen everyday across america, trust me Ive busted more phones then the average person over it. But if its urgent and important enough I just kept calling back. Im sure you could understand enough to ask for a cell number which I KNOW Apex woulda gave you. Take some responsibility over the deal. Things happen that are out of anyones control. Get over it. Its car parts not a heart transplant. Dont sweat the small things cause lifes too short.
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Not trying to thread jack but Jeg's and Summit are "middle man" vendors as well. Not every item in their catalog is in the warehouse. I will admit, they are both fine compaines with excelent service though.
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The only thing I can say is did you call them before hand to make sure the item is in-stock, you have to remember a lot of vendors do not actually stock the parts in-house it’s just too expensive to do so, the items are normally drop shipped from the manufacture or a supplier they use. Honestly 1 week time frame is far too close to cut it IMHO when you know you have a deadline to you need to meet, remember plan on 1-2 days to process and handle the order seeing you placed your order late in the day so that current day is a wash, and depending on how many orders are ahead of you to process it may take a full day to even look at your order, now you have lost 2 days, add in shipping 1-2 days you are now at 4 days IMHO just too close to allow for human mistakes. Now that the item was out of stock you will not meet your time frame.

We have all been in a rush to order something and need it in a specific time period and it has fallen through next time a little earlier planning and checking before you order to make sure the item is in fact in-stock this is a MUST DO for any item you order.
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