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Odessa/Midland Area

Hey guys, I'm actually from Eastern Kentucky and possibly relocating to Midland. Going down the first weekend of June to help some family move there. Just wondering for anyone who might live close to that area, how is it? lol

Around here where I'm from the economy is well going to crap, mostly because around here we mine coal. That's what we do, all this area has, and with the current president making it harder and harder to get mining permits, a lot of mines here have been shutting down over the last several years. Which then trickles down and a lot of small businesses have been shutting down, I even hear its getting harder to find minimum wage jobs at walmart and restaurants. And it's starting to affect where I work, which is at a body shop. People just don't have the money to get their cars fixed, or even to pay the deductible's they have for insurance jobs.

But basically long story short, I have the opportunity so to speak to move there (midland). Just wondering how it is there, I'm sure the economy's a lot better lol, possibly quite a few body shops, or even dealership body shops. Or what does that part of Texas have? Oil, gas, factory's?

Idk, its worth a shot to ask and see how it is there on these forums. If anyone has any info, or anything really let me know, here or even a PM.

Really appreciate it guys.
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Everything is bigger and better in TEXAS!!
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Lots of oil money but very congested with all of the oilfield traffic and workers.
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yes the money is great down here, the economy is quite amazing compared to the rest of the US. We live in our own little bubble down here haha. I mean where else can you have at the age of 28 a $250k house, 62k truck, and a 40k camaro, graduated high school, never went to college. I mean everywhere else I wouldnt be able to have half of what I do here!!!

I'd say, if I were in your shoes i'd move in a heartbeat! There are jobs out the ass here that pay very well. (depending on what side you get into)

I mean, anything that is outside of the oilfield down here is hurting for help. For example, Walmart starting out is $14/hr, McDonalds $15/hr. just to give you a feel for what kind of money you can make down here. And with this new zone that is fixing to be started, we havent even hit the tip of the iceberg down here for work.

If you have any more questions about anything specific down here, just pm me or ask in the thread, and ill be more that glad to accommodate you.
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>>>we havent even hit the tip of the iceberg down here for work.

.. ....and it is one BIG iceburg!!!!

I'll try to shoot ya a pm this weekend when I have some more time...

as a "homework" assignment for ya....put "Cline Shale" into you favorite search engine and read up on the subject....

oh yeah.....remembered this's a really cool NASA photograph

.....and the Cline Shale is bigger!!!

"Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." - Mark Twain

"Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" - Unknown
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