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Originally Posted by Blues45th View Post
Bad soders on wires. Lights don't all work. 3 led bulbs and major major issues in last months makes me wonder why people still buy from them. There lights people. Like little kids. They make pretty colors for,your "muscle" car. Lmao. So to all the guys and girls with nice pretty lights on there cars, why don't you all stand up and demand better. If you don't buy it they can sell it. Instead of paying big bucks for crap just because they pay big bucks to this site to be a vendor doesn't seem like they or the forum have your best interest now does it. Camaro5 can ban me or censor me but the truth be told we all have other outlets to spread the word. So people wake up. Put down the kool aid your all drinking for some of these vendors and go on personal and past experiences. With these certain vendors that seem to have never ending issues with not just the product but also the customer service end. If it was in person would you let a company charge you $100's of dollars and the when issue doesn't answer the door or phone to there shop. So why any different when these company's do it to us here. Take this site for what it is. Vendors exploiting you and there there products for very high personal gains. AAC is just one of many on here that all they wanna do is collect your money. No respect for you,your cars or how hard we all work to make the money they so easy charge us and then give us way below standard products. Makes me so mad and sick of all this. This forum has turned into the amazon of camaro world. All about sales. And less about information and love for the camaro
With AAC, look at who their biggest fanboys are, the guys that always come in and defend them anytime anybody who has a legitimate complaint. It makes perfect sense why these guys are allowed to peddle their wares here still.
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Bought some side markers took 2 weeks to get but they jumped on the money right away. finally got the markers and what a joke fancy packaging poor quality. the paint wasn't even close to summit white. there attitude was oh well send them back. not interested in why they didn't match had a yellow tint to them. got my money back and went to showstoppers I hope they are better. Waiting to receive all though very slow on shipping, but if they match I can deal with it.
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Originally Posted by CamaroDreams07 View Post
With AAC, look at who their biggest fanboys are, the guys that always come in and defend them anytime anybody who has a legitimate complaint. It makes perfect sense why these guys are allowed to peddle their wares here still.
I am no fanboy but I have yet to have a problem with my ghosted side marker lights!!

Guess I just got lucky!!

I think it's a shame that there has been so many issues as I love the look of them on my car..

With that said I have no plans on ordering anything else from them because of the issues. I skipped on the side mirrors, talk about issues!!

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Originally Posted by BowtieBelle View Post
This is why I don't order from AAC. Too many horror stories.
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New member here and first post. I ordered a set of Showstoppers based on what I've read here as well as other threads. To those of you who have them (Showstoppers). Any long term problems at all?

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The first time I saw the AAC/Oracle lights on the Camaros, I fell in love with them. I called to get more info on sidemarkers, color changing halos, afterburner tail lights, plasma DRLs, etc. I am local so I could go pick up the stuff and, if I had any problems doing the install, I figured I could stop by and work things out. After talking to them, something just didn't sound right. I didn't feel like I was getting a straight answer. So....I ended up just getting the plasma DRLs, LED interior and trunk light. I go to install the DRLs and the socket is deeper than the stock bulbs so the locking tab does not lock. I call back and asked why and I am told "oh yeah, they don't lock but they will stay in". I decided to keep them and, in their defense, they were correct. However, for the price they charge for these, they should fit PERFECTLY. I still love how all that lighting looks but between the prices and the issues I have read, I am glad I just changed a few bulbs.
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side markers and scanner light no issues at all

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