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i agree, random misfire code
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Talk to your tuner. Does the car actually feel like a miss or does it seem fine? If it seems fine you are likely OK just need to revisit the tune on the car. If the car actually feels like its missing you can be doing damage to the cats. That is the intention of the light flashing instead of just steady on.
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I was getting a blinking cel and no codes. I got a scan gauge ll and it shows codes that the computer has found as well and its throwing a p0650 which is cel light malfunction. No issues with performance whatsoever. It doesn't blink all the time either. Just once in a blue moon. that p0650 code has never showed on a regular scanner nor thrown the cel light before. Food for thought.
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Thanks guys

Just took a look yesterday on the plugs and wires...all fine and in good condition, car drives fine and have power.

After disconnect the plugs and wires yesterday no blinking CEL... i will watch it for the future

Yeah we also didnt find a code on the scanner

Maybe i will proof it at my tuner on saturday with another scanner if we find a code
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