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Old 05-04-2013, 11:08 AM   #57
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Drives: 2011 1SS/RS VR/BLK A6
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That's pretty low. Bought mine Dec 2010 and just turned 28k. Half the miles came in first 9 months though as my commute was much farther then.
Originally Posted by HufferSS View Post
Fast cars have rubber on the quarter sissies need to knock it off.

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Frank in MD
Raining Blood
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She's almost 15 months old w/ just under 6K on the clock. I'm not trying to keep the miles low, I just work very close to home and I work a ton of hours to boot. Why? So that I can retire at a younger than average age. Also I have a beater for bad weather days.
Ordered 1/9/12 - Born 2/3/12 - Delivered 2/21/12 - '12 1SS/RS Summit White - TRADED.

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Always bet on Black
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Bought mine in oct 2010 and it a v6 brought it as a dd but it has a little over 18500. Don't know why I don't drive it much to be honest with 3 other I cars I fined myself driving it on weekend. Been thinking of selling it just looking for a vette in my price range.

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Chevy Lifer
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Drives: '13 Caddy ATS, '10 2SS/RS ABM M6
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1800 on my 2010 ABM 2SS/RS. Purchased December 2009. Just drive on weekends and it is put away during the winter months.
2010 2SS/RS Manual, ABM, Grey Leather, Painted SIM Rallys, 20" RS Painted Wheels, A9167198
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8900 miles on my 2011 2SS. Purchased it in Jan, 2011 with a little over 200 miles. It was a DD for the first summer and fall and now is a weekend/whenever I want car.
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Drives: 2010 2SS
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Mine has low mileage but it won't be going to anyone else. I bought a 93 Z28 in June of 93 with 4 miles, it has 107,000 now and almost 21 years old. I've always had other cars or bikes to drive so neither gets a lot of miles. If you totaled the miles on all vehicles that I drive it would probably be 10,000 + miles a year, so. I paid cash for the SS when I bought it and never planned to sell it. I have fun driving all of my vehicles not just the SS.
Ordered 6/19/09 Black on Black 2 SS Delivery 10/14/09! Added CAI, Heritage Grill, DRL Plug and Play Harness
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Drives: 2011 Red Jewel RS
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Bought mines New in May 2011 just hit 15000 miles. I enjoy driving my 94 GMC Sierra pickup just as much as my camaro! It's a 94 with 145000 miles and I baby it too
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Parts Guru Extraordinair.
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Jeez,I almost have 1,500 miles on mine. Had it 26 months.
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I only drive my '13 to church on Sundays. I can't figure how I'm up to 11,000 miles since I picked it up Thanksgiving week 2012?
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10-bolt Destroyer
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Drives: 2012 Camaro 2SS/RS - AGM, LS3/6M
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Bought my 2012 LS3 brand new in June of 2012.

I now have 23k on it, not even a year yet.

I've broken 2x rear axles and ive gone through 3 sets of rear tires and I will not stop!

WTF did you all buy these cars for? To look pretty in your garages/driveways? So the neighbors all think your a hot shot?

F that...I got mine to enjoy burning rubber on a daily basis!

2012 Camaro 2SS/RS - LS3/TR6060: Cam, Headers, Exhaust, Intake, Gears, Twin Disk, Suspension, Tuned - 475rwhp, 443rwtq
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Angrybird 12
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Originally Posted by benji1997 View Post
I only drive my '13 to church on Sundays. I can't figure how I'm up to 11,000 miles since I picked it up Thanksgiving week 2012?
Where do you go to church, in Indiana?
Cancer's a bitch! Enjoy life while you can! LIVE, LOVE, DRIVE...
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King Sun
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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
It always baffles me that people spend anywhere from $24K to over $50K for a car that they don't drive but occasionally. Letting one sit in a garage most of the time does no good for the car or the owner. Unless you are out driving these cars what enjoyment does it provide?
Again who knows what tomorrow will bring, you could end up losing your job, contracting a terminal illness, or have an accident where you will never be able to drive your Camaro again. You better enjoy it while you can. You can always buy another car or have yours restored. Don't waste a day, life's too short to save your car for the next owner.
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Drives: 2010 SS/RS LS3 GFX Heritage grill
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Bought mine from the original owner with 2799 miles, last july. It was purchased by him 10/09. Just turned 5000 the other day. The joy of living in Ak. you can really only drive them from late April to about mid Oct.
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2010 SIM Beige RS 6M
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Originally Posted by Obzen View Post
Buying a car and not driving it is like not banging your girlfriend so she's fresh for the next guy.
Ya ...only " drive " her on weekends.
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