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Camaro kinda slow? Is it just me? (Torque app?)

I am upgrading a couple things in my camaro tomorrow and before doing them I wanted get a "before" stat run just to see how much better it would be.

So I hooked up my obd2 reader and loaded torque pro (An app that reads obd2 signals) and did a quick 1/4 mile just to see what i'd get...

It was pretty bad what I was getting...

The first run was 15.9 in a quarter mile... and all the others were about 16.00 seconds...

That was without touching traction control.

Taking traction control off and all that was terrible... which makes sense since it was pretty much just sliding... but I got like 17 seconds in quarter of a mile...

My BEST run was as followed:

0-60 mph : 7.2
0-100 KMH: 7.4
1/4: 15.6 (150 km/h)
1/8: 10.1 (122.0 km/h)
Horsepower: 228.4

Now... I heard the V6 was supposed to be like 14.5 in a quarter....

Is there something wrong with my car? Is this alright? Is it possible that maybe the app was slow or something? Any insight is recommended...

I also JUST took the car out of winter storage about 2 weeks ago... This is also my daily driver car... (I remember hearing that the car learns about your driving habits... maybe it's in economy mode rather the performance?

The day was beautiful... +17 degress celcius... not much wind.

Any insight would be great ( I am taking the car to the dealership tomorrow for a bumper to bumper... if there is an area that maybe should be looked at please tell me!)
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I'm no expert by far, but consider that humidity, altitude, etc all play parts in the acceleration of the car and reported "numbers" are usually in the best of conditions at a test track.

I'm not sure if 1 second off reported times for the V6 is indicating a problem.
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Your also using an app to test it... it might be off a little bit

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