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Old 02-22-2010, 10:17 AM   #15
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Brought mine in today for this high pitch rattling/flickering sound. Of course, as I'm riding over there, I have the sound - at a pretty loud volume. Once I get there and take the service guy for a test drive, it almost completely disappears on me. Luckily, I was able to point it out and he could hear it - though it was about one fifth the volume it normally is. The service guys were thinking the noise might be dampened by the humidity (it was raining).

After waiting for a few minutes while they look at my car, I was told that my car has an old muffler that is no longer installed on newer Camaros. He told me they would order a new muffler and install for me when it arrives in a few weeks. I haven't heard of Chevy changing the muffler they used, but if it's the problem and it can be fixed, then I'll be happy.
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When I ride in 1st gear at low rpms or go into 2nd (imagine driving around a parking lot) I get a rattling/gurgling/knocking (all rolled into 1 sound) coming from underneath the car in the middle just behind the front seats. Its kinda loud but it may be what the OP mentioned. This week or next I'm taking the car in and asking a mechanic at the dealership to listen.
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Looks like this is what my dealer suspects is happening. I can't say for sure though until they've tried it. To me, it didn't sound like it was a muffler problem, but
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Also getting a rattle from the passenger side rear end near the strut or under the trunk it seems like. Mine only occurs when taking off from a stop at around 850-1100 rpms and only when the car is warmed up. Have a stainless works exhaust and checked that out and it's definitely rock-solid and not moving at all. Let's see what the dealer says...
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hey, do me a favor and go to the sticky at the top ab exhaust vibration...on page one i gave an rpm &speed chart. replicate those ranges and see if that makes your issue. i swore it was my clutch until i found this.

edit, never mind- you dont have the stock exhaust any more...
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Originally Posted by jnm2003 View Post
Ive searched these forums threw and threw and have not found the latest reasonable answer! Any update would be useful.

I have a M6 2SS. when i take off in first i let out the clutch and i hear a vibrating/rattling noise. 80% of the time it does it and its when im taking off in first gear. it happens at the last sec of letting out the clutch and sometimes carries on a couple short seconds after fully letting off the clutch. and it does it in second and third but not as much! its done it since the second or third day of driving the car. Its only at low rpms as far as I noticed. i had a friend ride with me who has messed with older f-bodies for years, but never new camaros, say it sounds like a heat shield rattle. I searched many forums and found some say the driveshaft needs a spacer or washer/ some say its something in the IRS when the car is going slow and under a load. Could it be the input shaft breaking problem people been having.. but it wouldnt make noise it would just break right?

Anyone have the latest news or if this is a GM issue they are working on??
Im having the same problem with my M6. I had the exhaust replaced last week because of the vibration and the tech said the baffles were loose. Once the new exhaust was installed I didn't notice the rattling noise, but the past 2 days I notice when I first crank the car and put it in gear to take off, I get a rattling vibration while disengaging the clutch to accelerate. It's more noticeable when I first start the car, but also happens in low gears when shifting or turning. I plan on taking it back to the dealership to let them know I still have a vibration and rattling. The main difference between this vibration and the exhaust vibration is that the exhaust vibration sounded like it was coming from the rear passenger side of the car and this vibration I can feel in the clutch pedal. If anyone finds out anything else about this issue please post the answer. I'll do the same once I take it back to the dealer.
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I just started to notices the same noise. I have a m6 ss with 12,500 miles on it.. I'm going to setup an appointment with my dealer.

2011 Camaro SS
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Chevrolet Customer Svc

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Originally Posted by CamaroJHL View Post
I just started to notices the same noise. I have a m6 ss with 12,500 miles on it.. I'm going to setup an appointment with my dealer.

Please let us know how your appointment goes with your dealership. We are here if you have any questions.

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i found a very hard to find rattle. i hate to post because it seems so unlikely to be the problem. but it fixed mine. rather, i am still working on it but i just found it today. i tried to post a vid but my new iphone update has issues with it. i dont know how g.m. managed to do that! my obnoxious rattle exhaust type rattle at certain rpm's was caused by a brace vibratiating. it runs behind the engine, around where the cats are underneath. its black with four bolts on each end, about two feet long. i removed it temporarily to troubleshoot, noticed the heat shield area but touched nothing but the bracket. noise gone. i will reinstall tomorrow with insulated washers underneath and i think that will be a good fix. it's hard for an old mechanic to explain, but the dam thing was vibrating at a frequency, when it reached it. like that old suspention bridge you see on the discovery channel. i dont know if i explain things well, but this is the fix for my particular noise.
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American Eagle
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Question vibration low rpm

hello i have a 2012 camaro ss Automatic tran 45th A.E..,made for Europe because i live here,
Ok I also have a vibration coming from ? i feel it at low rpm 1500 and in all lower gears and we hear it also , the german dealership has no idea . we have tired the following things ,all on other persons ideas .
1. they loosened the motor and tran mounting bolts let the engine idle to set it in place ? then tightened them back up. did not fix vibration
2. they turned the drive shaft 180 degrees .did not fix vibration
3. they switched muffler from after cat back to the end .did not fix vibration

Ok they want to turn drive shaft more , again .
All i want is that the darn thing stops vibrating so i can get the muffler system that is louder ,headers x pipe etc.. but frist i want the org. parts correct .
I need help ..??????
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Old 05-23-2013, 10:37 AM   #25
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Check the thin metal cross member under the car. It should be located about 2ft or so behind the trans. The exhaust pipes run right across the top of it and from idle-2000 rpms mine rattled. The exhaust was tapping the metal plate from the vibration even tho with the ignition off, it wasnt touching it. I added some washers to lower the plate away from the exhaust and it fixed my prob.
Hope this helps

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Weird sound

So I have the same weird sound in low RPMs/when letting off the clutch going into first gear. I am having problems knowing what it could be since I just go rear ended the other day in a hit and run (cried for a couple days) and while I'm waiting for the date my auto body guy told me to bring the car in, the part of my Corsa exhaust that received most of the blow from the accident fell off. Right after that I noticed the sound coming from the car. It sounds like plastic scraping against something but it doesn't happen all the time and only in low rpms. I'm not sure if it's my exhaust since part of the muffler fell off, or if it is something else like the e brake boot rubbing against the drive train like a person stated above. Could anybody shed some light on this problem? I love my car and I just want it to run like it did before that a hole rear ended me. I really don't think it's the clutch since everything feels and runs the way it is supposed to and I get the noise without using the clutch sometimes. THANKS EVERYBODY FOR THE HELP!
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