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My Blackstone Report


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Yeah, iron is high but the copper is even higher. Basically it is still the wear-in materials since this looks like only the second oil change. Letting a vehicle sit for months unused with oil that has been run isn't the best since moisture still gets into the engine and cause issues. The older used oil has a higher acid build up in it so that adds to wear when it sits and then gets started up. No TBN to report so we can't say how much additive pack was left in the oil. I have always been a believer in changing out the oil in anything that is going to sit for a few months at a time. There are oils on the market now that are made for classic vehicles that have additive packs to help with moisture and this tailored oil helps keep things in condition while the vehicle sits by keeping a protective layer on all internal parts that normally would go unprotected with normal oil.

Mobil 1 has always shown high iron levels on LS engines, just the nature of the oil. You can view a ton of LS used oil analysis listed on bitog web site where Mobil 1 has been used and see the trend on iron in that respect. Nothing major but just higher than when other brand oil has been used.
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Looks like a fresh engine with high level of metal due to break-in.
Click the link below to view the Blackstone Oil Analysis Report for my LS3 after 7,000 miles on the third oil change.

As stated by Mouse6.2, Mobil 1 oil analysis reports typically show high iron levels in GM engines. Try sending Blackstone a sample once your car has crossed the 20,000 mile mark, I bet the report will look much better!
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I think the GM recommended oil change interval is by the DIC or once a year. The once a year interval would be reasonable for someone who doesn't drive much. I'd change the oil after the summer driving season is over rather than storing it with contaminants in the crankcase. I know it's not the same, but my lawn equipment gets maintained like this using synthetic oil.
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3 year old oil? what in the world. the oil isnt good forever its not a twinkie. High in metals...might be brake in but mobil 1 as stated above isnt the best oil.

Change oil company and change your oil before 3 years next time......please
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