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Old 06-11-2013, 05:06 PM   #15
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There is an autozone right around the corner from me. They have had everything I ever needed and whenever I couldn't find something I would ask and the person would know exactly where it was without having to look it up. So far I have had great experiences with them, hope it stays that way!
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If they start carrying quality microfibers, Adams, or chemical guys I will spend a lot O' dough there.
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Old 06-12-2013, 11:06 AM   #17
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I worked at one of their competitors in lower New Jersey while I was stationed there. It was usually fairly slow during the week. I had a bunch of those cheap remote control cars from Radio Shack that you could modify and customize. I would bring them in during the week and me and the other employees/managers would have races around the isles. I had a 60's GTO, an R34 Skyline, an EVO, and an STi that we raced. I also had an F150 that I added a lift and 4x4 unit to.
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Well last experience I had with them was a front O2 sensor going bad on my car due to the wire touching the header and melting slightly, the check engine light was throwing a code for it so I go to purchase another one with them being that it is the second time it went out. So the guy who is clearly high as a kite asks me how I know it is the sensor, so I proceed to tell him how I know. He then asks me what brand it is and if I am sure that I want the same brand O2 sensor considering it has already went out once. So I tell him again what the exact issue is and he seems puzzled. Another guy with me asks him about some windshield wiper blades so he goes off for 15 minutes looking for windshield wiper blades, even after I told him not to worry about it I will find the wiper blades myself. 30 minutes later the manager comes to the register to approve the exchange even though it was my fault. So I guess its a mixed review/experience with them had to deal with half baked but got a free sensor out of it.
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