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LS9 cam

What needs to be changed when using the LS9 cam? Just a straight cam swap, or do I need all the other stuff as if I were going to an aftermarket cam?
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I would consider valve springs at least. It doesn't seem mandatory, as it looks like the LSA springs are designed to .570" lift and the LS9 cam is .562", but a se of PAC beehives wouldn't hurt for a little extra spring pressure an piece of mind.
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I was still trying to figure out the exact part number of valve spring in the LSA.

if it uses the 12589774 spring like some sites say I would change it. some site's list it at max lift .570 and some .520. if it is .520 you could get coil bind and have a bad day.

these are two budget options or you could go with a dual. more spring pressure can lead to more wear though so I might just run one of these.

I would proabably role the lingenfelter due to they are verified not to have coil bind.

short story long the LS9 runs 12psi and rev's 6500rpm so these spring should work in my case. I am 11.5-13.8 psi and 6500rpm redline right now.

I have been toying with the idea of just runing the LS9 cam and longtubes to break the 600whp barrier without runing a ton of boost and building a ton more heat to need major coolign mods.
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of note is that the LS9 has a lighter Ti intake valve, stock LS9 springs are not working as hard at its 12psi/6500rpm limit as they would be in an LSA at the same settings.

PAC 1218 or 1518's would give you an rpm/fatigue cushion.
Single, beehive style like stock and popular with quite a few mod shops.

Like the less heat, more efficient plan. Less sensitive to octane as well.
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