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King Nothing
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Good lookin Z!!!! Some big mods to make 500 unless he went F/I
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LT1 are still good platforms for power and can be made to go fast without breaking the bank. A few companies have really stepped up. I've oned mine for the last 12 years. Having said that , id go with the LS1 if you're looking to get into a 4th gen. There are a couple of reasons I say that. First, LT1 will usually have a ton of miles on the odom and parts are sure to be worn so you'll be doing a lot of fixing rather than driving. Second, the cars more than likley have been raced a shitload of times. Third, LT1's are a pita to work on so unless you're mechanicly inclined to do your own work maintance will be costly. The LS1 is a nice car and will give you more power right out of the box. As far as v6's go I wouldn't waste my money on em. The v8 is just better. Oh , on a side note! My LT1 used about the same amout of gas my v6 did when it was stock. I owned a 93 v6 and a 94 v8 at the same time so it was easy to make that comparison. Good luck on your choice.
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Yeah 3.4 sucks, but I'm still getting almost 30 mpg hwy in my cammed 3800.
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