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Old 06-22-2013, 10:21 AM   #113
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Originally Posted by 2Muchmark View Post
Hill Assist is freakin' CRAP, at least it is on a manual camaro.

Twice 4 times now on the same small hill, this ridiculous feature kicks in, and 4 times now I've stalled it, BUT - it gets worse.

When trying to move forward the car stays completely still - it feels like I'm pressing up against a brick wall or something. Then when it finally lets go it stalls AND emits a bad burning smell. It's not an oil smell, and its definitely not something that I think was caused by friction, but who knows.

GM : HILL ASSIST IS A DUMB IDEA that should be at least be able to disable it via MyLink or some other simple way instead of having to hack it.

Solution here:
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Interesting. If I was having the problems some of you guys are having (my system seems to behave well and rarely activate), I'd definitely give that a shot.
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I had a real problem with this 'feature' at first, but after adjusting my takeoff when it activates, I have gotten used to it. The key is just to take off like you're on flat ground, and forget everything you know about driving a manual on the hills.

I think the whole point, though, is that it needs to be defeatable for those that don't want to adjust their driving style. Nothing wrong with that, and there needs to be a simple way to turn it off.
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Old 06-22-2013, 06:50 PM   #116
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2013 2SS and ZL1...HSA is the worst feature ever put on a vehicle. I wouldn't have chosen a manual tranny anyways if I did know how to use it in the first place.

Don't know whether I'll be replacing pads first or a new clutch because of it.

I hate it. I also put that in my comments in the JD Powers report.
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I have a 13 1LT and have no issues with the hill assist. As soon as release the clutch it the hill assist releases never stalled mine.
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Old 07-20-2013, 10:09 PM   #118
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Drives: 2013 1LT Crystal Red/Beige Manual
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FYI mine has stopped releasing nicely when I get off the clutch. It has started holding on again, so I almost stall it, and buck the car like I'm a ****ing novice every time I take off with it engaged. I hate this "feature".
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HSA also known as FPITA,this crap engages on the slightest incline around where I live.Now I have been beating it by going into nuetral and almost completely stopping and shifting into first and getting back on the gas at stop signs.This of course doesn't work at stop lights and I swear I could smell the clutch burning on my last ride where I encountered a few lights with a little incline.But it is what it is,and as long as the car is under warranty it'll be Chevys problem not mine.I don't plan on keeping it past the warranty time anyway.
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Old 07-21-2013, 12:23 AM   #120
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So my car stall @ ~ 400rpms... I like to take off at 5-600... usually by just easing off the clutch, then once it starts to bite, easing on the gas. There arent very many hills in houston that this doesnt work on... except when hsa comes on and cause that sweet spot to drop me to 40-> still. Ive been suck8ng it up because its mostly flat and a rarely encounter it. Except now it has been activating on flat ground. Plan on taking my car to the dealership for warranty, any ideas if I can get them to put the auto yaw sensor in instead?

Also to those that xonstantly have people getting to close to them, just sit there. Make them back up before you go. When I was first learning to drive stick I sat through 3 green lights at richmond and hwy 6 because some guy got on my ass and I wasnt proficient at hill starts yet. plus it was my moms car. After the third he backed up and got into the other lane, next time the light changed, I proceeded on my way. The look of anger was priceless. I think he started to follow me, but since I wasnt near my destination he soon gave up. Since then ive gotten beeter and can usually start on a hill without any backwards motion so people on my ass doesnt bother me as much. Also when I see soneone coming up beh8nd me I generally let the car roll slightly to let them know whats up. According to defensive driving, you should be able to see the tires of the person in front of you contact the ground. So in texas, even if you admit to rolling back into them, if theybwere too close it is still considered their fault.
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I have yet to kill the car thank god, but I truely hate this feature. There should be a switch to turn on/off for those that want or don't want it on. This crap better not be on the C7 as is wasn't on my C6.
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For those of you that may not have seen it, I came up with a fix to disable HSA a couple months ago. It involves changing out the Yaw-Sensor for a non-HSA version.

I posted the article in the DIY & How-To section:

Modifications: HSA Elimination - Cold Air Inductions Intake
Solo Performance Mach Cat Back - Skip-Shift Eliminator
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I live in East TN where it is mountainous and hilly. I wish my '12 Camaro had hill assist. I have a 2013 GT500 w/hill assist and it works great. It can also be easily turned off,though I dont know why anyone would.
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Norm Peterson
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If it ever gets in the way to the point you repeatedly stall your GT500 or burn rubber to keep it from stalling, you'll understand (and probably hate it just as badly as the rest of the folks here who hate theirs). Bet that bike doesn't have HSA . . .

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Originally Posted by two_wheel_mayhem View Post
Ford has it on the 2013 Mustang too.

You don't need it if you can drive a manual properly, nor do you need to use the parking brake.

It's a sign of the times that people are such wusses they need a frigging hill assist on a Camaro. Come on man! That's pathetic.
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No one needs HSA. If you can't drive a stick, what you need is an automatic.
That said, if HSA worked properly, I wouldn't complain.
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