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The way folks answer this question is all over the place. Here are some facts:
  1. There is no magic Bat Signal that goes to GM announcing that you've tuned your car. Therefore, your warranty is NOT automatically voided with a tune.
  2. If you have a powertrain-related failure and you take it to the dealer for warranty consideration, the dealer is required to send in a screenshot of the ECM programming history. If you have tuned the ECM, they will know and could deny the claim and potentially void your warranty. No other types of warranty (3/36 covered items, electronics, etc) will require the ECM screenshot, and should not impact your warranty at all.
  3. If your car shows obvious signs of abuse, a dealer may option to check further into your vehicle than is needed for the repairs at hand, and that may include reporting the ECM info to GM and voiding your warranty. modding your vehicle in this fashion, it should be assumed that you are prepared to take the risk of losing your warranty. It is a real risk.

Personally, if my car breaks, it won't go to the dealer. Having one's warranty revoked devalues the car immensely. Fix it yourself and move on.
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Beer Thirty
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My dealer is doing the tune for me. Also installing headers and exhaust from SLP. They are a SLP dealer. I told them you did it and I will hold you to it if something goes wrong. They said no problem. They have even taken new camaros and added slp super charges to them. Still carry a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty.
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but thats not a GM warranty its the SC manufactures warranty. you will find it dont cover sh*t. magnusons only covers $8000 total. and thats broken up into components. $5000 engine $1200 trans and so on. The reason I ask is GM said the Silverado has a counter too but it doesnt. all they can see on the silverado is that the computers been reset. The same thing as if you disconnected the battery.
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I have yet to see an actual Warranty block on a VIN - worst case they can deny a warranty claim.
This means that when you have more power and break stock components, they won't replace them with the same weak stock components. Wouldn't you want to install something that has a lower chance of breaking??
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Does anybody know if you could buy a second ECU and tune that one for racing. If something goes wrong put the orginal ECU back for warranty?
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Originally Posted by ICEMAN169 View Post
Does anybody know if you could buy a second ECU and tune that one for racing. If something goes wrong put the orginal ECU back for warranty?
No, you cannot. Ecu's are mated to other computers in the vehicle and are VIN-specific.

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