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Originally Posted by Steve Dallas View Post
Well, I'd say Audi does...however that isn't in the price range the OP is talking about.

Then again, there are some older used Audi's that would serve well for that price. As someone else said, there is maintenance to think about as well.
Yea I'm talking about his price range. You can get a fairly new Subaru within that range pretty easy.
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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
snow tires > AWD
snow tires + AWD > . . .

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Bugatti Veyron
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King Sun
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Originally Posted by AdamZ View Post

Reminds me I need to buy more lottery tickets
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subaru seems to be winning if you want the car route.

I picked up a 2005 equinox LT with the V6 and AWD just shy of 100k miles for 7k last winter. It is great in the snow, gets decent MPG (19-22) is what I average and has good space for when you need to carry something.

I don't know if you have a larger vehicle in the family already but it comes in handy quite often.
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Looks like a subaru is everyone's recommendation with a Nissan GTR in 2nd place
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Wrx if want something sporty but there is nothing wrong with a regular impreza if its just for winter I mean why spend more than what you need.
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I would get an Infiniti G37x. Classier and more luxurious than a pleb-ish/juvenile WRX, better engine with all the AWD you need.
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GM fix my PAINT U suck!
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Get a 04 to 07 STi. A nice one for that money. You won't regret it. sOOb AWD with snow tires is incredible. Youd be amazed what you can pull off when you let the AWD truly do its thing when you go beyond the envelope. Im already saving for another one. Best thing is slapping the DCCD back and getting 90% RWD when you really want to play. Dont listen to any STi bashing its 99% of the time from people that have never driven one anyway. Its a car you have to judge on what the modest owners of them say.
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