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so is yours tuned?
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Originally Posted by BAPD77 View Post
so is yours tuned?
Yes, by JRE.
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Originally Posted by Normagene View Post
When I had my Red Jewel SS I took her up to 153! Yikes, did she ever get floaty or what. Had to let off at that point, especially since there was a slight curve coming up and I just didn't have the confidence she would hold. Not sure how much faster or what she had left in her, but she was definitely screaming! Sure felt good and seriously got the heart rate up!

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I hear ya. My '10 SS felt like I was driving on ice at 140. ZL1 feels planted. I read somewhere that the SS has something like 200 lbs of negative downforce at that speed. Glad I didn't know that last year.
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The first day I had my ss back in june 2010. I opened it up to 148mph. I can say it was floaty. Alignment and the narrow front wheel and lack of down force contributed the that feel. Since then with my 1le suspension and square setup have gone to 130mph and the floatly feel is gone but adding Hood vents you will definitely get that planted feeling.

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After another thread talking about the 1LEs being limited. I pulled up hp tuners and look.

My factory stock 1LE is not limited to 155.

Originally Posted by Camaro_Corvette View Post
Then you better tell everybody in this thread, this thread, this thread, and this thread that they don't need a tune to go faster than 155. Like I said, you're the first I've heard of it. So you have my attention.
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