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Originally Posted by ryanyoung1768 View Post
I am not happy with the product or the service on the 2013 shifters. Three attempts at the correct part have failed, I have had to pull the steering wheel to replace the broken shifter controller, and the customer service has been less than satisfactory. Apparently it's my fault that their product breaks my car, and I have not been offered the refund I requested.
Originally Posted by horizon670 View Post
ryanyoung1768 is a customer who is trying to badmouth our Paddle shifters because we refused to give him a refund. He said if you don't send me a full refund, I will badmouth your product and that's what he is trying to do now, this is why you will see his posts on our various threads.

Thank you everyone for all the nice comments.

Vitesse Motorsports
Originally Posted by horizon670 View Post
He has all the rights to express his feeling and opinion about our products and customer service.

This is what this thread is about.
I am just explaining what happened.

Vitesse Motorsports
What you wrote just seemed to confirm his point that you wouldn't provide a refund and he was going to come and post about his negative experience.

I think it would be more useful if you actually explain your side of things and how you guys handled him as a customer. It would be more helpful if you said why you wouldn't provide a refund, because as of right now only knowing his side of things, I don't know why he shouldn't have been given one, and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to have that impression as I am sure there is a legitimate reason.
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You're right. Let me explain so everybody knows exactly what happened.

Customer purchased our 2012+ Camaro Paddle Shifters on January 2nd !
Customer did not follow our detailed and easy instructions on how to mount the Paddle shifters on his steering wheel. He sent us an email on March 5th with following message: "The left went on fine. The right, upshift, works without the spring but doesn't feel as crisp".

On May 30th , customer requested a new set so we shipped him a new set to exchange the already used set he had since January 2nd.

Customer said: "I already plasti-dipped the Paddles so please send me only the connecting part"

Customer sent us an email on June 26th claiming he never received the connecting part we sent on June 2nd so we sent again another one and verified if the address was correct.

On July 8th, customer sent us an email saying we sent him the wrong part ( We admit that we made a mistake ) but we sent him the correct one immediately after.

On September 6th, the Customer sent us an email saying that even the second part we sent him did not fit and that now he is requesting a full refund.

I suggested to send completely brand new sets at no cost but he refused.

This is when he started badmouthing our products and sti

We are sorry that the customer is not satisfied with our product and customer service but we have tried every possible way to satisfy him but unfortunately it did not work.

We do have a full refund policy but after a limited time.

Thank you

Vitesse Motorsports
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The two tries at the correct right hand mounting bracket were machined incorrectly. They take the piece and rotate it to mount to the shifters, instead of having a mirror image. If you take the original plastic pieces and place them next to each other, they form a vee shape, indicating a mirror image. If you do the same to the machined aluminum mounts for the 2012 I received, they do not. they make a diagonal line. I really wanted these to work, but they won't.
Maybe I happened to get the only two bad ones out of the batch. If so, I'm unlucky.
I'm glad other people are happy with theirs. The information above is accurate, but doesn't resolve the problem I had - having to pull my steering wheel to replace the shifter unit seems a bit much for a simple aftermarket dress item.

I'm done here.
2013 2LS
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