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Originally Posted by olblue75 View Post
Is anyone making LCAs for the newer style suspensions
GM does. I think spohn as well
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BMR Sales

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Originally Posted by olblue75 View Post
Is anyone making LCAs for the newer style suspensions
We are currently working on both non-adjustable and adjustable rear lower control arms that will work with the FE4 style rear sway bars so hopefully we will have something before the end of the year.
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Originally Posted by Criag B View Post
I made 490 RWHP with a cam, heads, LT, and usual bolt on goodies. I just added a ECS kit and meth. I am looking @ 700 or so. I should know by the weekend how much power it makes.
Your upgrades should start with our EP1201HD sub-frame bushes. All bushings are not created equal.

User / Owner Video


Putnam Park Danny Popp driving the Pedderised L/28.

Use the OEM ZL1 / 1LE toe links. The weak spot for the trailing arm isn't the arm. It is the bushings in the arm and in the rear knuckle. Mot companies make industrial strength arms with a spherical or hard urethane bush and use a split urethane bush on the knuckle / hub. We use a steel jacketed bushing with a sliver of urethane in OEM arm and in the knuckle / hub.

The OEM rear trailing arm bush is great for driving in the 8/10ths range. Pushed to 10/10ths or 11/10ths it allows too much movement creating instability. The increase in stability is enormous. Using a durometer you can see the differences in material hardness. Normally you wouldn't use a durometer to measure the hardness of steel. We did that for illustrative purposes. Both rubber and urethane soften with heat. The amount of heat generated by a 2 ton Camaro with LPE power through the exhaust and rear brakes is enormous. Using Pedders EP7265Z in the knuckle for the trailing arm reduces motion because there is less material and the material that is there is harder than the OE rubber bush.

Getting a good reading on the edge of the bush was problematic. The durometer is 85.

A rear trailing arm can be made of unobtainium and it won't matter of the bush in the knuckle feels like Jello.

Your rear alignment is critical. Toe should be IN 0.10 per side with a Total Toe IN of 0.20. ZERO negative camber gets your tire square down to the track for optimal bite.
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Craig B
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Thanks for the info. I have already bought the solid rear subframe bushings, just haven't had the time to install them.
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