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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
I thought about going with 305s too since drag racing is mostly what I do with my car. But the 1LE handling feels so balanced and agile the way it is, I would hate to add any understeer. And I intend to buy a slightly stiffer rear bar to get the car neutral, like my last SS.

I do think the wider rear tires would look cool, but I would rather the car drive at its best. Later once I get my 1LE solidly in the 12s with more power, I will see what DRs will do for the car.

Once the original Goodyears wear out I may go with them again since they feel so good. But I have heard Michelin Pilots have a slightly softer sidewall. This would help the drag launch more than slightly wider F1 Goodyears. And you could keep the 1LE understeer at its current minimal level.

IMO the 305 Goodyears are for looks only. But nothing wrong with that as a priority. When I bought my 1LE I thought I would only mod for function, but I can't help myself to personalize it. The 1LE is one of the best all around performance cars you can buy at any price. You can't go wrong.
Wouldn't the Michelin Pilots still be too negligible to tell a difference?
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Originally Posted by Arodr395 View Post
Wouldn't the Michelin Pilots still be too negligible to tell a difference?
The Goodyear F1s are weird. They are very gummy, but are very hard to launch with. I have been to Atco where a guy with a ZL1 had trouble getting out of the thirteens. All he needs is more seat time of course. But still.

This has been explained by more tire knowledgeable people than me that the F1s have very stiff sidewalls. This makes launching hard and tricky. Bog or big spin so far for me. But the combination of good tire design, gummy rubber compound, and stiff sidewalls make a good track tire. I have no doubt the F1s are a good track tire.

I was able to get an occasional 1.9 60' and mostly 2.0-2.1s with stock SS 275 Pirellis. So far with TC off and my ham-fisted launches I am stuck in the 2.2s. I did however get a few 2.1s using Launch control popping the clutch at 2,500. No way I'd do 4,000. The F1s are gummier and wider than the Pirellis, so I believe the sidewall idea. Also be aware the 1LE will get some wheelhop.

DropSpeed has the best non Motor Trend 1LE time I am aware of, and on that run his 60' was 2.1. I have not tried dropping tire pressure yet, but if those sidewalls are that stiff it may not make a big difference.

So the Pilots are also a good track tire, but the knock on them is the sidewalls are not that stiff. This characteristic could help more than width and be a better all around tire. Maybe some who knows more will chime in. But to me DRs are the real solution for drag racing.

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think i got my answer. i found someone selling some F/S 305/35/ZR20 tires and for the price seemed ok. until i find something that has a longer life span.. lol..
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