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Looking for some help diagnosing a problem

I drive a 2011, 2LT convertible, a6. When I'm out and about in the car, the rear end will take a random lurch, or step to the side. I know it's happening in the rear of the car because of the feel, you feel it in your seat before you feel it in your hands. It's almost like the car is falling off a ridge in the road. It usually happens when the car is under light load while driving, under heavy acceleration the car behaves as expected, but under heavy breaking it is very pronounced. I don't get any TC, stabilitrac or ABS lights so i'm pretty sure it's not a problem in the brakes, but just to be sure i'm going to have a hard look at them and bleed them out again.

the wear on the rear tires is even all the way across, and fairly even side to side.

I have the stock pirelli P0's on the car, and stock suspension. Have i 'lost' a bushing or something in the back of the car?

Looking for an idea of where exactly to look on the car for an answer.
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Bushings. Its hard to tell without driving it but you describe something i felt and hated about my car with the booty swaying about.

Check tire pressures too.
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