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Originally Posted by SSeric View Post
Well I def appreciate everyone's input. We talked about it and decided not to move forward with it for now. I *really* love it and I'd be stoked to get it, but we weren't even in the market to buy right now. The 2014 1LE is obviously superior in a number of different ways but it doesn't take away from the fact that my 2010 is still great in its on right and I've honestly been happy with it. I've only got 42k miles on mine and I've got a car payment that leaves me in a comfortable position. Don't need to go jumping into the latest & greatest to keep up with the Jones'. And at the end of the day, this isn't any "once in a lifetime" kinda things. It's a (gooorgeous) black Camaro with good, solid options that I could order to my liking if/when I decide to upgrade. No questioning whether it's an upgrade to mine. It most definitely would be. But I think I'm gonna just appreciate what I've got for now and wait until it would make better sense. So I guuuueeesssss I'm gonna have to "settle" for my lil SIM
Smart move, way to fight off that urge!
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wait, did good financial sense actually win out in a camaro5 thread??
Build thread linked in the pic...

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Originally Posted by OzzySS View Post
wait, did good financial sense actually win out in a camaro5 thread??
End of the world is upon us.
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Haha....slick dealer. You always have to go thru the steps first before buying a car, starting with figuring out if you can afford it.

Even if the dealer gives you a price with "supplier" or employee discounting, its always a safe bet to shop at least two other dealers for the same car. This exercise will assure you as to whether you're getting a good bargain.

Temptation can be a mutha!!!! Good luck!
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