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In for pictures...
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I logged in just to see what was happening with your car since it had been awhile.I know this sounds crazy,but back in the mid 80's I wanted to buy a 1980 Z28 over a new Grand National,I was stationed overseas and came back looking for a cool car and found a white one with blue stripes for sale in another city and it looked really good,but I went with the Buick and really wish after all these years that I had not!I think that the Z28 would have been more fun,I know I wouldn't have kept it for very long though,I had this bad habit of changing cars after a short time.So it's nice to see one being restored and having been in your family for all those years
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Ok so these pictures will pick up right from when I last left off... since then a lot of progress has been made (sorry it has taken so long to get these up here)

A/C Compressor from Vintage Air
Name:  20130824_110802.jpg
Views: 471
Size:  115.0 KB

Name:  20130824_111423.jpg
Views: 474
Size:  163.2 KB

The guys did an amazing job repairing these
Name:  20130824_111535.jpg
Views: 474
Size:  141.0 KB

NOS Fender, what a find, fit perfectly.
Name:  20130831_093641.jpg
Views: 463
Size:  110.5 KB

All primed and ready for paint
Name:  20130914_091202.jpg
Views: 455
Size:  114.5 KB

Name:  20130914_091644.jpg
Views: 456
Size:  184.4 KB

4-Speed Manual Transmission from the Donor Car. One of the gears had to be replaced. But other then that, was in pretty good condition.
Name:  20130914_091443.jpg
Views: 464
Size:  200.5 KB

New Drums
Name:  20130928_091713.jpg
Views: 458
Size:  127.5 KB

So smooth, not a single bump or divot
Name:  20130928_092115.jpg
Views: 454
Size:  87.7 KB

Name:  20130928_100254.jpg
Views: 454
Size:  141.0 KB

New rocker panel, definitely needed with the amount of rust that was there
Name:  20131005_094657.jpg
Views: 456
Size:  136.3 KB

The car has definitely come a long way from what it was
Name:  20131005_094830.jpg
Views: 452
Size:  159.0 KB

Name:  20131005_094800.jpg
Views: 454
Size:  111.8 KB

Name:  20131005_095015.jpg
Views: 450
Size:  141.5 KB

The heart is back and where it belongs
Name:  20131026_092552.jpg
Views: 445
Size:  161.9 KB

Name:  20131101_071809.jpg
Views: 454
Size:  151.1 KB

A/C is in, what a plumbing job that was.
Name:  20131109_090705.jpg
Views: 448
Size:  204.1 KB

Name:  20131109_090915.jpg
Views: 453
Size:  188.9 KB

Name:  20131109_091345.jpg
Views: 449
Size:  123.7 KB

Name:  20131109_091933.jpg
Views: 440
Size:  103.5 KB

Name:  20131109_092326.jpg
Views: 439
Size:  123.1 KB

This RAD Cradle held us up for about a month. Finally found one that was usable and in near perfect condition.
Name:  20131119_081712.jpg
Views: 443
Size:  163.6 KB

Body is primed, its getting there
Name:  20131119_081723.jpg
Views: 441
Size:  90.1 KB

More rust repair
Name:  20131123_093540.jpg
Views: 447
Size:  182.9 KB

Undercoated the entire bottom of the car
Name:  20131123_093111.jpg
Views: 455
Size:  214.6 KB

New Pully's
Name:  20131123_093504.jpg
Views: 444
Size:  184.2 KB

Name:  20131221_091321.jpg
Views: 442
Size:  120.2 KB

This 4-speed conversion was a must
Name:  20131221_091216.jpg
Views: 441
Size:  192.1 KB

Name:  20140118_091517.jpg
Views: 432
Size:  107.2 KB

Now it is starting to come back to life and really look like a car again.
Name:  20140118_091420.jpg
Views: 442
Size:  143.5 KB

Name:  20140118_092207.jpg
Views: 448
Size:  177.1 KB

Name:  20140118_091725.jpg
Views: 438
Size:  184.3 KB

Name:  20140201_081122.jpg
Views: 437
Size:  122.5 KB

Name:  20140201_081342.jpg
Views: 438
Size:  183.1 KB

Name:  20140201_081358.jpg
Views: 431
Size:  126.7 KB

These next few pictures are of the car in the dry fit stage. I can honestly say that in terms of lining up all the panels and correcting the gaps, this car will look better then when it came off the line. The attention to detail the guys at The AutoDream Group put into their work is so professional and just perfectly executed.
Name:  20140222_113949.jpg
Views: 438
Size:  105.5 KB

Name:  20140222_113920.jpg
Views: 430
Size:  91.9 KB

Name:  20140222_113944.jpg
Views: 437
Size:  93.2 KB

Name:  20140222_121140.jpg
Views: 437
Size:  110.6 KB

We ended up having to replace the front nose and rear bumper due to spider cracks that appeared during the priming stage. They could have been sanded down but the guys advised against putting in the work because of the way this urethane is, there is a great potential that they cracks would have eventualy shown through the paint.
Name:  20140426_091249.jpg
Views: 436
Size:  108.5 KB

So we got really lucky and found this gem. A NOS front nose. Was sitting in some guys garage for the last 30 years, and is in absolute perfect condition.
Name:  20140426_091856.jpg
Views: 429
Size:  127.0 KB

Name:  20140426_092008.jpg
Views: 421
Size:  112.2 KB

Name:  20140426_091926.jpg
Views: 437
Size:  104.9 KB

The rear bumper is the only aftermarket part on this car for this entire restoration. We were unable to locate a NOS piece and didn't want to be held up any longer trying to locate even a used one.
Name:  20140426_091512.jpg
Views: 435
Size:  159.3 KB

No sanding was required, this nose was as smooth as glass.
Name:  20140524_091600.jpg
Views: 435
Size:  106.0 KB

Name:  20140524_091716.jpg
Views: 435
Size:  101.1 KB

Collecting all of our miscellaneous pieces.
Name:  20140531_105113.jpg
Views: 433
Size:  150.9 KB

Had a tough time trying to decide which stripe package best matched the original, and we ended up choosing the one on the right, because the one on the left, the top stripe was just an ugly maroon colour.
Name:  20140614_093315.jpg
Views: 435
Size:  252.2 KB

Seam sealer was put on..
Name:  20140621_092716.jpg
Views: 429
Size:  102.9 KB

And the car is now ready for paint
Name:  20140719_091054.jpg
Views: 420
Size:  104.1 KB

(pictures to continue on next post)

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Name:  20140719_091113.jpg
Views: 432
Size:  84.9 KB

Name:  20140719_091121.jpg
Views: 431
Size:  83.7 KB

Name:  20140719_091149.jpg
Views: 444
Size:  81.8 KB

Name:  20140719_091218.jpg
Views: 435
Size:  102.8 KB

Name:  20140719_091904.jpg
Views: 427
Size:  127.2 KB

And here she is, fresh from the paint booth
Name:  20140726_093812.jpg
Views: 434
Size:  104.6 KB

Name:  20140726_093825.jpg
Views: 434
Size:  108.8 KB

Name:  20140726_093844.jpg
Views: 431
Size:  83.5 KB

Name:  20140726_093928.jpg
Views: 429
Size:  86.4 KB

What an amazing job The AutoDream Group did with this one.
Name:  20140726_094414.jpg
Views: 434
Size:  115.0 KB

If you are ever in the Niagara area and in need of a paint job, these guys are definitely the ones to look after everything you need.
Name:  20140726_094701.jpg
Views: 433
Size:  104.9 KB

Name:  20140726_094531.jpg
Views: 417
Size:  129.5 KB

Name:  20140726_095734.jpg
Views: 423
Size:  111.8 KB
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More pictures to follow in the upcoming weeks, the stripe kit is on, just haven't had tome to get out to the shop to get some pictures. But we are in the home stretch. Needs about 1 week of mechanical work and a week to put the interior back, clean it up and make her shine. We can see the finish line. Its been a long road but completely worth all the time and effort that has been put into this.
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Wow, that car looks great! In the end, all of the work and money will pay off. Can't wait to see her complete.
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Awesome. Been wondering when this would pop up again! Looks great!
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Looks awesome. You should be proud.
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Can't wait to see it done, looks great so far!

Had: 2010 SS/RS M6 Hurst STS, Noweeds
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She is looking great Twisted Energy

Gonna be sweet when its all back together.!!
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I just finished reading with great interest, from start to this point.
Looks fantastic, the end is near the end and a new beginning starts.
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This is making me miss mine now . Love to watch it come together - bringing back memories of what I did (and couldn't) do.
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looks great. Glad you went through this process to bring it back to it's glory.
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