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Fluid Recommendations

I'm currently doing a build on my 2010 Camaro. The engine and transmission are out of it, so I will need to put fresh, new fluids in it. Therefore, I am seeing what recommendations are out there aside from factory fluids (not a stock motor)

- Putting a built 6.0L in it. Wiseco pistons, Hellfire rings, Callies rods, Clevite bearings, etc. 0 miles, fresh build. Single turbo.
- I've seen a couple recommendations for break in oil, with Joe Gibbs BR30 and Amsoil Break In oil being the choice I'm at. Anyone have any experience with either of these oils?
- Not sure what oil to run after the break in oil as full time oil, but I've seen LS30 recommended after using the BR30. I've also seen Rotella mentioned. So looking for suggestions there too.

- Stock TR6060 with McLeod RXT Twin Disk, Tick Performance clutch line, and speed bleeder line.
- Based on recommendations/reviews I've read on here, I'm going with Redline D4. Will be flushing the clutch fluid out in favor of Prestone DOT4 per Ranger Acceleration's recommendations.

Cooling System:
- In the past, I've used Dexcool with Water Wetter added. Here's where I'm looking for recommendations on what to use. I've read alot of negative things about using Dexcool on LS1TECH. Since I'm going to have to refill the entire cooling system anyways, I figured if I was going to run something other than Dexcool, now would be the best time to do so. Should I make the switch over to traditional green coolant? I've also contemplated running Toyota red antifreeze since thats what I use in my Supra and I love it. Leaves a nice protective coating and hasn't gotten all nasty after a few years.

Rear End/Differential:
- I've only changed the rear end fluid once and I used Mobil 1 with GM additive. Probably going to do the same again later down the road, but if anyone has any recommendations, I'm open to them.

So basically, I'm open to options. Just looking to see what the best (or better than factory) options are for me. Thanks in advance!
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Rotella is a oil formulated for diesel enginge. It is a great oil. I use it in all of my diesel generators.

I am a firm believer in sticking to one fluid manufacturer, not switching down the road. Both Joe Gibbs and Amsoil are great oils. I would use the oil you break in on. If you decide to run in the long run Joe Gibbs, break in with Joe Gibbs. Amsoil the same thing.

Coolant, I would keep doing what you are doing, Dexcool with water wetter. Same as before about swapping fluids. You are driving your car 100 miles from home and you have a coolant leak. Every gas station, 7/11, auto parts, grocery store, Wallmart, etc. sells it. Dexcool is good stuff.

Diff fluid once again don't change formulas down the road. Mobile 1 is real good stuff.
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Just did a thread on redline trans oil and its a huge upgrade over stock. I flushed my diff oil too and put the same as stock with additive and it worksgood, bit I feel there is something better outhere. I used Pennzoil platinum in the past for my cammed ls1/2 and engine lasted a long time with some nitrous. I still use the same oil in my LS3.
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