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Navy Blue
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oh yea 01pewterz28...i literally orgasmed with that car. and now my girl's kinda pissed. ha!
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I am the internets.
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Originally Posted by Navy Blue View Post
i appreciate all your input, everyone's... today for me marks a beacon of intelligence.

everyone says right now's the time to buy in you're looking for a home. as i was. and though my brain is happy, my heart is broken.

Today, July 28, i have put one foot forward, i have begun the proccess to purchase a house!
as most can fuigure, that means house payment...which means no fast car for me. as i said, my heart is broken, my inner child is crying, much so like the kid you see in the store when mom doesn't buy him his toy he wants, i sit here with a cazadorez shot glass and a bottle of cabo wabo reposado for 2 reasons, to "celebrate" my purchase, my no longer being see'n as a kid by the rest of the family. celebrating my maturity. the other reason: to say goodbye, atleast for a few years the dream, the dream that i would own a camaro of my own, to say goodbye to the inner child, atleast for now.
and here as i take a few shots of my favorite tequila i can't help but stare at the car that was almost in my hands, now i see it, as if i were a mustang, i see this gorgeous beat, pulling away, farther and farher....will i one day catch up? heh. who knows..

yea that was me trying to be poetic...FAILED!...but the real reason for me buying a house is simple, i'm mexican...and in my particular faily were cut troaght people, even amongst ourselve's, my brother owns a home (the one i'm buying) he rents to my sister...they have been living there for free for about 2 years now, not by my brother's choice, they have an agreement, but my sister (and husband i suspect has alot to do with this) have no paid the brother is a good man, he does not live in out town, so when he calls to ask about the rest, he gets no all. he has his own family, and my sister has now bought a home, but they refuse to move out of my brothers house, they claim they are "remodeling" their house they just bought (they bought a run down home and are fixing it to their liking), but it's been about a year now, and my brother can't handle this current payment and supporting his family, it's so bad he moved in with the in-laws...and even like this money is short, until a few days ago he told me the bank will take the house if he doesn't pay, so i made a rash decision and told him i would take over...i know alot of people in real estate and it's being taken care family huh?...i dod this because my brother has been a father fuigure to me, i know people will be weirded out, and really i didn't have to say all this, i just hate it when someone makes a huge fuss about something as i did with this 4th gen, and then not get it...i think though my family are out to get eachother alot i do not have to follow that, karma is a bitch, and i don't wan't her eyes set upon me, besides, the house is cool. and i'll just have to change my lifestyle a bit and maybe there is still hope, though not in the near future. i'll keep looking at them though. i'm in love with the 4th gen model.

don't you just love family? i know i do....
Congrats on making a responsible decision man. Get the house situation squared away, then you'll have a place to build your supercar.
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