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Email Monday from dealer:
Your Camaro is needing the Torque Converter. We have ordered one, but they are on national back order. We expect to have one in a week or so. We are waiting on approval on the convertible piece. We have to have additional approval for that since it has been replaced before. There is a note in GMs database that those will break due to someone pushing there to leverage themselves out of the back seat. We are not saying that this is the case with your vehicle, but with that possibility we have to have the additional approval. Thank you for your time. I will update again when I have more news.

Email Wednesday
I wanted to inform you that your vehicle is ready for pick up. The factory would not allow us to replace the torque converter at this time due to there not being an updated part. We have replaced the trans fluid and trans filter. We also replaced the convertible frame cover and motor. This is a redesigned part, and should not have the same issue.
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I was just getting ready to setup another appointment to hopefully get the triple flush done, along with some other things. I know that's not really a fix, but what more could they do for me.

Lets hope this 2019 fix is the real deal! I've not had to deal with the shudder much on my 2016, but I'd say a lot of that is b/c I've only put on 5,700 miles since I took ownership in December of 2015. It has shuddered on me a few times and I took it in to the dealership once...a long while back. I wanted the triple flush at that time, but they ended up just telling me they couldn't duplicate it and told me to bring it back if it does it again....I should have fought harder for the triple flush.

Anyways....lets hope this time the solution includes a change to the TCM programming.

I wonder if they will change out the TC regardless, or if they will evaluate your current TC and just do programming if they think it hasn't been under too much "shudder stress"? Who knows

The answer that Al gave to us is the best one he could give without going into a PR nightmare with Camaro enthusiasts.

So is it worth it for me to go in and have my fluid changed anyways, with this coming "soon"? I'm thinking it might be good to have done regardless.
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Would be awesome if they take out some of the slip which would not only make these cars quicker and more fun to drive but more reliable.
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