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Follow along as Vengeance Racing assembles an RHS 427!!!

Vengeance Racing is known for producing extremely reliable combinations that produce excellent power. While documenting this engine build for our customer who lives several hundred miles away we thought it would be great to share all of the details on the forum to see the parts/detail that go into our builds.

The car: C6 Z06

The Engine: RHS 427 cubic inch stroker
  • RHS Race Prep Block- 4.125 Bore x 4.00 Stroke
  • Callies Magnum Crankshaft- 58x/LS7 "Snout"
  • Oliver Billet Connecting Rods
  • Diamond Custom Pistons- Coated Tops/Sides- H13 Tool Steel Pins
  • Calico Coated Main & Rod Bearings
  • CNC Ported LS7 Cylinder Heads
  • Coated Chambers/Exhaust Ports
  • Custom spec camshaft
  • Morel Linkbar Hydraulic Lifters
  • ARP Head Studs
  • Ported/Blueprinted LS7 Oil pump
  • Katech C5R Timing Chain
Power Adder: TVS 2300 Supercharger

Application: Road Racing

The Block- We opted for the RHS block for this build. Our customers #1 concern is reliability. Our next concern is making sure we have "room to grow" in the future once our customers gets used to the new combination. We have built several engines using the RHS block and they been proven to be extremely high quality and hold up quite well in the four digit HP range.

Machine work is always a concern when building any engine. Vengeance Racing uses Proline Race Engines to machine all of our shortblocks. Proline offers state of the art equipment as well as a tremendous amount of racing history and experience. We are proud to be the exclusive LS based engine distributor in the country for Proline Race Engines.

This particular RHS block was fully machined while at Proline. All aspects of the block are fully inspected to ensure no issues prior to starting any machine work. Once we know we are working with a usable the block is fully machined.

Once all of the machine work has been completed and the rotating assembly has been meticulously balanced the bare block is sent to the "clean room" for Proline Engine Builder Tim Lynch to inspect and assemble the bare block into a complete shortblock.

Here you can see the finished block being prepped for assembly.

The RHS block comes with Billet Main Caps for added strength

Here is the Callies Magnum 4.00" Stroke crankshaft prepped for install

We selected Oliver connecting rod for this build for their proven reliability and durability. You can also see the skirts on the Diamond pistons in this picture.

Here you can see all of the pistons/rods/pins prepped for assembly. You can also see the Calico coated rod bearings positioned in the Oliver Rods.

Pistons/Pins/Connecting rods assembled

Here is a nice shot of the custom Diamond pistons. This is a 4.125 Bore piston for use with LS7 cylinder heads. Additional options Ceramic top coating/Moly coated skirts/H13 Tool Steel Pins/Gas porting.

These options will come in handy when we turn up the boost down the road.

The block with main studs in place. Calico coated main bearings are in place as well awaiting the Callies Magnum crankshaft.

Here the crankshaft has been put in place and the main caps torqued to proper specification.

Close up shot of the RHS billet mains/Callies crankshaft/Oliver Rod Bolts

Top side picture with all pistons/rods installed. We now have a complete shortblock

At this point the engine is returned to Vengeance Racing for assembly to a complete longblock. Here is our engine table with all of the parts neatly laid out awaiting installation.

As mentioned above we are using Morel Linkbar lifters. The RHS block does not have a provision for the GM Lifter trays and we prefer to use linkbar lifters for added insurance.

We went with Innovators West 10% overdrive crankshaft pulley for this build. This will allow for more boost and also gives us the option to upgrade to an 8 rib setup in the future.

The LS7 cylinder heads have had extensive work to ensure reliability as well as increased performance. The heads were fully CNC ported for additional airflow. All valveguides were replaced and sized accordingly. New seats/seals. New Ferrea Titanium intake valves. Comp 26926 Dual spring kit installed. Chambers/Valves/Exhaust ports coated to reduce heat as much as possible

Cylinder heads are in place. ARP Head stud kit installed. Camshaft has been installed and degreed. Here is a shot of the Morel Linkbar lifters thru the valley of the block.

RHS Cam retainer plate. Notice the marks on the fasteners/retainer plate. We do this during assembly once each bolt is torqued. This also lets us see if the bolt has moved at all the next time we go into the engine for anything.

Ill update this post as progress is made. We are currently waiting on pushrods before installing the rockers and misc covers. Once the engine is complete we will document the build of the C6 Z06 including dyno results/idle & drivability/track results!!!

Be sure to subscribe for updates as they become available.
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: drool:
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That is sweet, if I am not mistaken a buddy from the corvette forum was talking about this build. The block alone is 3-3500 range, and something like this for the short block was in the 8500-9K range ??? he is considering the build for his pro-charged vette
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Yum, me jealous...
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Oh my...

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I actually got to touch it! LOL! you talk about sex!!! WOW!!!!

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When they get this bad actor up and running I really want clips with sound please.
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