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Camshaft install issue

I have a 2013 SS Auto and just finished a stage 2 TSP cam install and a ls3 conversion. I also have a maggy 2300 supercharger. I got the car fired up with only one code for the DOD, because it's being deleted with the tune when I get it. The car was smoking at the first start, which was expected, but continued smoking for the few minutes it ran. The smoke was white and was watery, not like oil. Any ideas on what the issue could be? I also checked my catch can and there was some sludge and some white/brown colored fluid mixed with the blowby in there. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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Dude really? I wouldn't even try and start it without a tune. Your probably really hurting your engine.
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If it had a sweet smell, check your coolant for signs of oil contamination and check your oil for coolant contamination. It will look like chocolate milk if it's bad enough.

You should then do a leak down test to make sure you don't have a head gasket issue.

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Old 12-01-2021, 08:00 AM   #4
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Sounds like you've got coolant and oil mixing. You can do a pressure test on the cooling system to confirm, but that's typically a head gasket issue.

You won't hurt the engine by firing it up without a tune. It won't have enough idle speed and it'll have airflow settings that will not make it real happy, but as a first fire up to check for leaks and put a heat cycle on it, no worries. These are a closed loop fueling system, and the ECU will happily adjust the fueling, and the factory spark timing is plenty safe. Just don't go making a wide open throttle hits - that's where the fueling drops into open loop and will be way off (and potentially dangerously lean).
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I drove my car to heat cycle it multiple times after my cam install and then drove it to get a tune. No issues at all. Definitely something else going on. Did you clean out the engine good with brake clean and change the oil before start up?
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Ditto above ! Burning anti freeze has a weird sweet smell from the exhaust. There is always the taste test - just a touch of moisture from a finger to the tip of the tongue will be instantly sweet - that's ethylene glycol. Nothing else(fuel, gasoline ,oil etc. ) tastes sweet.
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My car did the exact same thing after the cam install. I had the engine opened up a few days trying to track down the correct oil pump so I figured the oil drew moisture and possibly got a little water out of the block down in the oil pan since it’s basically wide open with the timing cover off (even with rags covering the hole)
After a good heat up on the dyno it went away
I have vids of my first start up. But not sure how to load on here.
If your worried it’s more than that I’d do an oil change, get an antifreeze sample, see how they look then go from there.
Also my tuner said I could drive it to his shop but it would want to stall at every trafffic light so I hauled it to him.
My current idle tune isn’t much different from stock so I can’t see you hurting anything
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