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jealousy and envy, probably didn't enjoy life like you at your age..
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69 Rebel

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The only thing you should be thinking about at your age is Cars, Girls, and having a great time. You will never get these years back, so enjoy them to the fullest. You can think about a buying house when you get married. The guy at your work is probably jealous.
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Why you gotta be hatin'?
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Originally Posted by JEFF2010SSMANUAL View Post
They are just wishing they had the car. But buying a house IF you can afford it and have a FIXED rate loan is a real good idea at a young age, if you make 1 or 2 extra payments a year you could pay it off in 15 years or less.

If you are 23 just think having a payed off house at age 38!!! That would be awesome.

BUT you need to IGNORE these people, stay away if you can. By always giving in and letting them bother you will only make it worse and it will never end.

I have the car... and now a house. I'm doing this, with bi-weekly payments. I'm putting 50g's down on the house, and with the bi-weekly payments, the remainder will be paid off in 6-7 years. Add in the money I'll be able to put into it for upgrades, and I'll be able to sell the house close to double what I paid for it.

To contribute: Guys at work were like this for me as well, but it was mostly just cause I'm young and what not. At the end of the day, they realized the amount of money I was saving living at home. The only reason I moved out is cause I saw the oppoturnity for owning at a young age.
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The Original
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Life is to short to worry about what other people think. Enjoy all your toys and buy the house,condo or whatever when you are ready. They don't pay your bills or sleep in your bed. Jealousy is a mofo.
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Yeah i think he is jealous to. I have my own house(26) and nice cars, I would move back home in a heartbeat if I could. haveing a home isnt fun when you have to make reapirs yourself. It's good and bad. Enjoy the camaro
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Must be an age thing ... This new generation of kids just don't understand being responsible. If I had a twenty something kid at home, working a full time job and just having fun ... I would have a big problem with it ... I would tell them to cut the crap, man up and get their own damn place to live. The toys come second, after paying for a roof over their head and their bills ... Grow up !!! Nobody ever said it was gonna be easy ...
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You're out cruising and he stuck mowing the lawn or some other domestic chore on the "Honey DO" list. Home ownership is great and long term the best return on your dollar you will ever see, but don't be in too big a rush.

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Different strokes for different folks is absolutely right. I lived it up while living with my parents longer than I should have as well until one day my dad said that even birds kick their young out. That is when I knew it was time. You need to live your life and don't let this guy get under your skin. He's probably upset that he wasn't able to take the same route as you.
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Hey Iam 30 and dont have a house and I really dont care if I ever do. I have no desire to buy one and if I did it would be a duplex. Live in one side and rent the other side out to cover your living expense = more money you have to play with cars. If i were married and had dual income I might look into a house but right now for me it would a chain around my neck draging me down. Everyone I know that owns one is in over their heads and wishes a tornado would take it out.
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Burnin out!
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Take the Camaro out. Meet some hot chick (with a house), Move in with her and take over the garage. Pay your share of the house. Rub it in co workers face and live happily ever after.
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I live at home and have almost paid off my Camaro (19). Probably won't be moving out for at least 3 more years if not more. I figure this is the only chance I'm going to have to buy all the cars I want because the money I spend on my cars now will have to go to a house in the future. I'm hoping by the age of 21 to have at least 3-4 cars that I really like in show condition, plus a DD and a bike, and hopefully a down payment for a house by the time I'm 22.
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I would'nt worry about it, to many people in this world worried about what everyone else is doing. I had the same thing happen when I bought mine, everyone kept saying how they would rather drive there paid for beaters, and I told them I'd just drive my paid for 2010 SS beater.
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Female Muscle Car Nut!
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Originally Posted by Chevyg1rl View Post
A house is great but it's not all it's cracked up to be. Having both, if I had to choose between them, I'd keep the car.
We owned a house for 4 years. We ended up selling it to move across country and lost 2k on the sale. I can tell you we are not in a hurry to buy another one. Getting our house ready to be sold was the most stressful thing I have ever been through. I never want to go through that again.

A house is not an investment. I don't care what they tell you. The costs associated with a house are enormous. It's just not the house payment you have to think about. It's maintenance, lawn work, security, landscaping, upkeep, the cost of filling it up with furniture and decorations, taxes and insurance. Plus, if you get a 30 year mortgage and pay only the monthly payment you are going to end up paying two to three times what you initially bought the house for (depending on your interest rate). So to make money on your "investment", you better hope your house is worth three times as much in 30 years. There are SO many people who bought the "American Dream" and are now upside down in their loans (their houses are worth less than what they owe) because of the housing bubble bursting. I'm sure if those people could do it all over again, they wouldn't have bought the house.

We rent a nice Townhome (1,500 sq ft) w/ a garage. We have no maintenance costs. If something breaks, they fix it. They have a lawn service mow and landscape AND remove snow and salt walkways. Our insurance is $150.00 a year to cover our belongings. They have an awesome pool and workout room that we utilize. We love that we are NOT in debt (other than what we owe on our car). If hubby gets a job somewhere else, we can pick up and move without worry of selling a house.

Life is so much simpler, PLUS we have a lot of extra money left over to buy toys like a Camaro!

It sounds to me your neighbor/friend is JEALOUS that you have a Camaro and he can't have one because he has a house. It would make him feel better if you were in the same boat as he was. Just ignore him and enjoy your car. I quit caring what other people thought about me and the way I choose to live my life about 10 years ago. Life is too short and this is the only one you get so make the best of it and have FUN!!!!!
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