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I did a search and could not find if chevy's FAQ's had been posted here , so I am creating this thread to list them, Maybe this should be a Sticky if someone hasn't already made one, if so mods can delete this one.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Camaro Early Ordering
Q. How much will the 2010 Camaro cost?

A. Delivering great value to our customers has been one of the hallmarks of
Chevrolet and previous Camaro generations. The 2010 Camaro was developed
with this legacy in mind – to deliver great value against its core competitors in the areas of style, technology, efficiency and performance. The 2010 Camaro LS will start at Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $22,995, including Destination and Freight Charges (DFC) and excluding tax, title, registration and other dealer fees. The 2010 Camaro SS starts with a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $30,995, including Destination and Freight Charges (DFC) and excluding tax, title, registration and other dealer fees. For further information on individual model and option prices, please consult with your Chevrolet dealer.

Q. Can I change an order once it is placed with a dealer?
A. Orders can be changed, but only by your dealer, and up until the time the
order is placed into the production cycle. Once the order is placed into the
production cycle, no changes can be made to the order.

Q. If I place an order for a Camaro with a dealer, is it guaranteed to be produced and delivered by the summer of 2009?
A. Order submission assists GM and Chevrolet in understanding market
demand. Each Chevrolet dealer has been provided an estimated production
guide number based on an estimated production horizon. The guide number
comprehends individual dealer’s retail sales and competitor’s market trends; and was calculated based on expected production through Q3 2009. However,
General Motors does not guarantee order production due to many factors
including unexpected production disruptions. Chevrolet dealers are also
responsible for controlling and prioritizing their customer’s order flow versus their individual production guide numbers; and in some cases, customer demand may exceed production capacity. For this reason Chevrolet will not guarantee individual customer’s order’s production or timing.

Q. I want to make sure my Camaro order gets produced as soon as possible;
how can I find each dealer’s production guide number?

A. Sorry, each dealer’s production guide number is considered confidential and
not available to the public.

Q. Which Chevrolet dealer should I order my Camaro from?
A. Chevrolet has great respect for every authorized dealer, and does not
recommend one dealer over another. To see a list of your closest Chevrolet
dealers, please visit the home page of, and enter your zip code in the dealer locator section.

Q. Am I obligated to take delivery through the dealer I ordered the vehicle?
A. As indicated in an earlier answer, dealers are submitting customer orders
against an estimated production guide. Unless extenuating circumstances are
present, orders cannot be transferred from one dealer to another.

Q. How do I know my order was submitted to Chevrolet?
A. Upon entering the order information into the GM ordering system, each dealer is provided a six-digit alpha-numeric order number for customer and dealer reference.

Q. The dealer requested my name and address for the order; is this a

A. Yes, for a dealer to submit a bona-fide customer order, the customer’s full
name and address is required. You will also want to ensure your correct name
and address is on the order in the event GM and/or the dealer needs to contact you in the future.

Q. How can I track my order?
A. As mentioned above, your order is assigned a six-digit alpha-numeric order
number which is necessary to track an order. The best method to track the order is to stay in touch with your ordering dealer; however, you can also track the order by contacting the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center at 800-222-1020.

Q. Why can I not submit an order for my Camaro directly to Chevrolet?
A. The partnership between Chevrolet and the vast nationwide network of
Chevrolet dealers is very important, and was established to best serve our
customers. With this in mind, only Chevrolet dealers are authorized to submit
orders to General Motors.

Q. Will I have to put a deposit down to order my Camaro? And how much?
A. As part of normal business practices, some dealers require customers to put down a monetary amount to submit an order. A deposit requirement, as well as final transaction price, is negotiated between you – the customer – and the dealer.

Q. When can I submit an order for a Camaro convertible?
A. The Camaro convertible is scheduled to start production in the summer of
2010 as 2011 model. Convertible ordering information will be provided at a later date.

Q. Will I be able to take delivery of my Camaro at the plant?
A. Camaro will be produced at the award winning Oshawa assembly plant in Ontario, Canada. U.S. and Canadian customs and legal requirements prevent us from offering delivery of your Camaro at the Oshawa assembly plant.

Q. Where can I find information regarding models, options and packages?
A. Chevrolet has prepared a downloadable pdf file that provides basic ordering
information. Each Chevrolet dealer has been provided full order guides and
workbooks to help you chose the Camaro that is perfect for you.

Q. Is there a full-line Camaro catalog available to review?
A. Our catalog is under development and will be available early in 2009.

Q. In reviewing the Camaro model lineup, I noticed there is no Z28 model; are there plans for Z28 model?
A. The “Z28” moniker has an honored place in Camaro’s history; but at this time, Chevrolet will not have a Z28 model available in the first production year. Chevrolet continues to review market opportunities and does not comment on future product plans.
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Dont call the 800 number they don't know anything. I called today with my six digit code after 20 mins , they said call back in a week.
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