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Question about the After....

So I went Saturday to order my Camaro, and I am already annoyed with my dealer as from what I read from this site he is shrugging off what I am asking for which is (when with my deposit check be processed and have you entered the order in workbench and can I get my confimartion number)

On Saturday he said he will enter everything in workbench and email me all the information. He is now saying he has to wait till Thursday. Am I being impatient or is he wrong. Once I know it is in the system then I can rest.

This is the email I sent to him still with no response.

Hey ?????, I hope I am not be annoying or anything but I was hoping you an answer a couple question and relieve my confusion.

1.) The first question is have you processed the check, and if not when do you plan on doing that, I just want to be aware in case the bank calls me as I hardly ever use that checking account.

2.) This question is just to relieve some confusion that I am having from our talk on Saturday and what other people are telling me. I was under the impression that on Saturday you entered the order in the Autobook and that on Monday you were going to put it in through Workbench. I thought from our conversation that when you do that it gives you the basic window sticker and a six digit order number and would tell me what line or position I am at your dealership. This is the form that I thought you were going to send me on Monday or Tuesday. Then Thursday GM would have given the approval whether there was a constraint or allotment issue and that would officially put me in the system and then that form would tell me if I am at 1100, then the VIN number and someday 6000.

I could be wrong and all but I just needed some clarification on how it works as I realize it is only day five and trust me once I know it is in the system and approved I will not be bugging you that much. Plus I would love to have all the documentation I can get my hands on!!!

Thanks again for all your help and I will give you a perfect CSI score, and again I appreciate all your patients with me.
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The sales person should hand the order to the inventory manager type person who will enter an order into Workbench. It might take some time if the inventory person is not available that day. Then you can get the 6 character confirmation number that your order is entered. It might be nice to have a copy of the Workbench order printout in your hands but it isn't a requirement. The Workbench order copy shows you what options you ordered and for some reason it lists a few things that are actualy standard - but not to worry about that. There isn't any way for you to check your place in line or allocation remaining unless he chooses to tell you but you will have no way to verify any of that.

My Opinion - The dealer really needs to provide the 6 character confirmation number or you should get your deposit back. This will not tell you your place in line or even if that dealer has any of his allocation left BUT it does let you know you have an order in the system. After that, you wait for an unknown amount of time.

P.S. - No, the dealers do not know when you will get your car so no need to get yourself worked up about it. You get it when you get it.

Hope this helps,

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