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Old 01-08-2014, 06:51 PM   #533
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When you sue, you can sue for attorney fees too. Those are recoverable. Make sure that your attorney agrees to take his fees upon settlement, not up front.
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G-Oil Guy
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I just sent a very angry PM to Chevy Customer Service on this board. It's completely unacceptable to have this "dealer" represent Chevy/GM
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I don't know if it will help but I am forwarding this thread on to my friend who is one of the marketing directors for GM hopefully that will help get some pressure put on the dealer.. this whole thing turns my stomach I can't believe the offer they presented you after they wrecked your car.
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What the heck. I had hope for you after you told us they were going to make it right. What a bunch of clowns. This is ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by Revolution View Post
I don't know if it will help but I am forwarding this thread on to my friend who is one of the marketing directors for GM hopefully that will help get some pressure put on the dealer.. this whole thing turns my stomach I can't believe the offer they presented you after they wrecked your car.

I have also forwarded this to my GM contact.

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Wow, unbelievable. What a shady thing to try to pull even without having crashed your car. I have updated my review on their Google page. These guys deserve whatever pain they get at this point.

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It sounds like this dealer needs some more media time!
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I guess they didn't learn their lesson with all the bad press they've received. Time for another hard lesson on how to take care of a customer and do the right thing??
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I just saw on my Facebook where your story made it on so there are a lot of people pulling for you including all of us here. Goodluck and I hope for a good outcome!
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Highland Ranger
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They're nuts. GM should pull the product line from them. They are a disservice to the brand.

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Originally Posted by nyrfan View Post
Wow! As a forum there has got to be something we can do. Can we all call the dealer and demand satisfaction for the OP. This is just BS and this dealer needs to pay!

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I would say that unfortunately that dealership could care less whether or not I call them and complain because I'm so far away. And that goes for 85% of the country.

But, for the people actually close enough to them to be a potential customer you would think a person running a decent business would care about their public perception. Perception is reality.
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It's getting more press, saw a link on FaceBook through Good luck, hold strong and get what you deserve! Don't settle with the bastards. Years ago a mechanic in a So Cal dealership hot lapped a Corvette and wrecked it after passing the customer on the freeway who dropped it off! My buddy worked there and told me they provided the owner a model year newer vette with less mileage to avoid the lawsuit.
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I'm not sure why somebody hasn't suggested this yet, but I think it's time for our Fbodfather to head that way with some black SUVs and get this taken care of. This is bad pub, not just for the dealer, but for Chevrolet and GM as a whole.

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Well i found this thread through facebook on LSXTV.

Anyway feel really bad for the guy with the ZL1 so i decided to email the dealer here is what i said:

Just thought I would rub it in and let you guys know the story from the owner of the Black Camaro ZL1's has made it all the way to Australia.....pretty poor on your customer service not replacing his car with a brand new 2013 ZL1 you and your firm are totally at fault. Being part of many blogs we are going to help this guy out and get his story far and wide. Have a shitty day
If you wish to email them use their contact form here.....hope many of you spam the shit out of them about this.

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1st state chevrolet, stealership, stolen, totaled, wrecked, zl1

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