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When I traded in my Honda, there was no problem. They even credited the unused portion of my month. Never got billed again.

On the Camaro, I don't seem to get as good reception as I did in my Honda, and after the Sirius merger, it seems like they overcompress a lot of their stations now. I am not signing up after my trial is over.

On another thought, when you call XM, you can always change your contact number to (area code) 867-5309 and ask them to talk to Jenny.
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Originally Posted by Frank in MD View Post
ok, I'll make this easy for the fans of Sirius/XM. If you never had a need to cancel your sub, regardless of reason, then obviously you've never encountered this other side of Sirius/XM.

Trust me, everything everyone in this thread posted concerning their personal horror stories courtesy of Sirius/XM is 100% accurate. I know, as I used to be one of the folks on the side of XM saying well, I never had any problems! Naturally. When I decided I no longer needed or wanted XM are when the problems began.

I traded my 2010 Malibu that had remaining time on my year plan. I called to report I traded the Malibu, please transfer my remaining time to my new car. I had to call a month after the fact b/c they still showed the Malibu account as active along with the Camaro, despite the fact that I traded it and notified them.

I thought my issue was resolved after call number 2.... until, two months later, wouldn't ya know it, BLAM. They cut off my Camaro b/c the 3 month trial ended! Despite the fact that I had 8 months remaining on the sub that was already paid for and transfered 3 months ago. Here we go again....

So now I am kinda disgusted w/ their service, I call to speak to a manager or supervisor, and I'm put on hold for 20 - 30 minutes w/ no one ever answering or just hung up on. This goes on for days. All the while never giving them reason any to hang up on me. I wasn't upset, and I wasn't yelling. I asked to speak with a supervisor to resolve a recuring issue, and click. Dial tone. I even got calls three times per day, every day, from people who wanted to renew my service. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, click. Dial tone. These were aggressive collection style calls. Often these people would be so loud I had to hold my phone 6" from my ear. No exageration.

Upon finally getting someone on the phone, they apologized and said well, we can't give you what you say you paid for, but how about six months for free? Why would I take that? I paid for a year, and have 8 months remaining! Why can't you give me what your website states? That unused time can be transfered?

The response.... "Lifetime packages can't be trasferred, it's on the car not the person who owns it." My reply, "fantastic, but I don't have the lifetime plan! I already explained to you that I paid for a year on a car I traded and I only want the remaining 8 months that I paid for! I'm not even asking any compensation for the numerous times I was hung up on or put on infinite hold."

Then, incredulously, they offer me five months free, b/c I already used three with the free trial....

I nearly lost my f'n mind, but held my composure. I explained, "ok, first of all you began by offering me 6 months free, which I declined to take b/c I'm owed 8 months. So why would I take 5 months, (which is less than 6 months btw, in case you didn't know). I already said no to your 6 month offer and you offer me less? Not to mention, by offering me the remaining 5 months after the three free month trial, you're acknowledging that you owe me 8 months, correct? Well, why would you subtract three months if the car comes with 3 months of complimentary service?"

After about three more days of back and forth this was finally put to rest. I decided to cancel completely after the 8 months owed to me was up. I called, cancelled and was pleasently surprised b/c it went smoothly. Just like the whole trasfer deal went smoothly 8 months ago, we know how that went down. Anyway I made sure to remove my credit card from their system after that fiasco, just to be sure.... A month after, who do you think had the balls to mail me a bill for 6 months? If you said Sirius/XM you're a big winner! I nearly had to lawyer up to get that last issue taken care of. As someone else mentioned, not only did they bill me, but my radio was inactive the entire time.

To this day they still mail me offers to renew my 2010 Malibu at a deeply discounted price. Too bad I don't own that car. Too bad I told you I traded it well over 15 months ago....
This is very very close to what happened to me

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Originally Posted by Red Chief View Post
Just posting this as a warning to anybody whose thinking about signing up for XM radio. They offered it when I bought my camaro last year and I wound up subbing even though I think the content is just OK.

Well a month ago I decided to let my sub run out and to say their customer service is horrible is an understatement. It's a scam.

My bank account was just charged $100 for a service that's apparently been disconnected from my car. The people you talk to on the phone have obviously been trained to obstruct and bullsh-t you when you try to have your account issues resolved.

If you're subbed and happy with it, great. Just make sure you review your bank account because I've checked around and they have a habit of of overbilling their customers.

When I got my '07 Solstice GXP, I had a three month free trial for this. I activated it a month after purchase. I'm busy.

To activate, they had to send a signal to my specific radio. I called them, reported the code, and they activated.

8 weeks later- sub is over. I called to complain. They said "just three months' for free". I said "you activated my radio 2 months ago".

"Oh" they said. "yes, we show that. the trial for for three months after purchase date".

I told them to not sign me up, take me off their call list, don't ever f'ing contact me again you lying thieving sob crooks, I will never give you a m-f dime. Oh, and your station selection is top 40 BS, your product sucks too. I can hear the same songs on the 70s channel that I'm hearing on two other channels, at the same time every damn day!

Ain't talked to them since, they ain't called me since.
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Originally Posted by Wabbit View Post
On another thought, when you call XM, you can always change your contact number to (area code) 867-5309 and ask them to talk to Jenny.
Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to? You give me something I can hold on to...
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Frank in MD
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Originally Posted by DuskSS View Post
This is very very close to what happened to me.
After a while, didn't it just get tedious when you had to explain the sorry mess to new people over and over again? That was the worst part....
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It's truly amazing how many of us have gotten screwed by this company, my guess is there will be a class action law suit coming. No wonder XM/Sirius is not a profitable company.

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Originally Posted by PalmerGA View Post
Wait a minute - so you are saying you only get about 10 channels and pay about $100 a year, or do you still get all the basic channels?
No, just that all I LISTEN to is about 10 of the channels on a regular basis
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Originally Posted by 2Carats View Post
I have them bill me and then I pay by check.

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best way to do it.
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Sirius/XM is run by radio dinosaurs. The emergence of Internet radio and LTE will finish them off.

Their satellites are aging and there is no plan to replace them. Every year they make their music stations sound worse and worst to dedicate their bandwidth to Howard Stern and ever expanding talk and sports stations.

This Fall, iTunes Radio will initiate their death march. Next year iOS integration in Chevrolets and other brands will shove them over the cliff.
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We had XM radio in our Grand Am for 5 1/2 years and never ever had a problem with them. And you won't have a problem with them as long as you keep paying them. We finally decided to cancel it, then the problems started. It took me over 6 months to get them to stop billing me. I finally got it stopped when I called my credit card 3 months in a row and had them reverse the charge. Each time the next month they would bill me for 6 months again. I bet I made over 50 calls to them to stop it, and many times when I mentioned I wanted to cancel all you would hear is the click of them hanging up. Nothing pisses me off more than to have to call back, it takes 10 minutes or longer just to talk to a human. My advice to everyone is to NEVER EVER EVER give XM radio your credit card number. You will regret it.
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Avenging Orange

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Never had an issue with them. I dropped my subscription because their programming just isn't what it used to be. Made 1 phone call and it was cancelled.
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Originally Posted by 2Carats View Post
I have them bill me and then I pay by check.

Mind controlled by Cerebro
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