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Drives: Chevy Camaro SS
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2014 SS, 6.2.. what cam?

So I recently purchased this car with 2,000 miles on it.. Gonna get rid of the resonators to start. What cam would get me a lopier idle and keep it to where I can still drive it long distances etc. I would definitely have a dyno tune done after the install. What hp gains could I expect and would a cold air intake help?
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Drives: 2014 Camaro SS L99
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Check out GPI, Before I went track crazy I made 437 with a SS1 VVT cam, headers and intake. Plus if you want you can run the SS1 with the stock torque convertor. Sorry I just assumed you were auto, If stick check out the GPI SS3 LS3 package,
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Drives: 2011 SIM 2SS/RS LS3
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LS3 or L99? They're both 6.2L. You'll want headers first
2011 2SS/RS built 8/24/10
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Drives: Chevy Camaro SS
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Location: Marysville
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I believe it’s a LS3.. How do I determine? And it is an automatic with paddle shift..
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Drives: 2014 2SS/RS
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Originally Posted by SS161 View Post
I believe it’s a LS3.. How do I determine? And it is an automatic with paddle shift..
Automatic is L99
2014 2SS/RS LS3/M6 - CAI, long tubes, cat delete, Jannetty Tune
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Drives: 2010 SS 2SS M6
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recommend getting with a tuner first unless you tune? then either an inexpensive off the shelf cam will do the trick or again depending on your goals(read $$$) have Pat G. spec out a cam and get it ground by Cam Motion on a 4620 blank...his lobe profiles with my valve train and dynoSteve at RDP custom remote tune can spin her up 7+ k...and on the L99 you can opt to stick with the factory setup or do a delete kit and turn it into a "LS3"...

good luck!

2010 SS 2SS M6 - Tune by RDP dynoSteve!(Woot) - Daily Driver - 129K! - All work by me...
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Livernois Motorsports

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Drives: 2010 Camaro 454 LSX
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Hey great pickup with that low of miles. I would suggest doing the DOD delete kit if it is an auto. My suggestion in cam would be our stage 2C HI-LIFT. It gives you a great sound with great power pickup along with no drivability loss. Our DOD delete kit is a complete package that comes with everything you need to swap the cam and includes whatever cam you want. Message me if you have any questions or call me at 313-561-5500 my name is Jake thanks.
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Drives: 2010 2SS RS L99 IOM
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The Livernois 2C highlift cam will definitely wake up a Camaro,

I went with a Cam Motion LLSR cam. Spoke directly to Kip and told him that my goal was to walk 392 hemi's and he had a custom cam grind for me.

Have a goal and put together quality supporting parts to reach that goal. Be prepared for further won't stop at just one or two...welcome to the forum.

As an example, coming from the muscle car era (69 426 solid lifter hemi roadrunner...wife 68 Charger R/T 440, both 4 spd manual trans) mods are just a way of life...and we have a lot of 5gen Camaros. The top end of my Camaro is finished (Frankenstein heads and Jesel shaft mounted rockers), next phase is the bottom end for a 4 inch stroker, serious consideration for buying a short block...then I can sell the engine with heads, intake and torque converter.

MODS are fun.....and the sound is addictive.
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Donkey Dick Cam Camaro
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Originally Posted by frankwjr View Post
have Pat G. spec out a cam and get it ground by Cam Motion on a 4620 blank..

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Drives: Chevy Camaro SS
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Thanks to all you guys!
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You have a L99 if you have an automatic. The possibilities are endless because you can choose to utilize VVT or go all the way to a full LS3 swap. I'd steer away from an AFM cam as the AFM lifters are the primary fail point of a L99 engine and those cams will not yield as much gain.

To get the most out of the cam you're going to want to add supporting mods such as a cold air intake and headers. There's TONS of threads on which ones are the best or each of those and everyone has their own opinion. I personally run a Roto-fab cold air intake and Kooks ceramic coated long tube headers with high flow cats. I've never had any issues with either of them and I'd recommend them all day long.

As for cams, GPI and Texas Speed make some solid VVT cams. If you're going to do the LS3 conversion, GPI, Texas Speed, and Brian Tooley Racing all have some excellent cams. I still have the factory converter (much debated by people here on changing it out or not) and I have a BTR stage 2 NA cam. It has a very nice lope, maintains good manners if I needed to DD, and definitely a noticeable amount of power gain.

Good luck in your search and when you decide, make sure to take a video and post it here with some dyno numbers!
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So...not sure why I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but...

You want a higher stall torque converter before you cam. I started with an intake, the car went a bit faster, then I got a ported throttle body and the car felt like it was a bit smoother off idle, then I got catless longtubes and a tune and whoa, more POWAR!

Then I got 3.91 gears and they definitely help on the highway and basically give the feel that the car lost 500 pounds, but then..I got a Circle D 3200 converter and HOLY CRAP, that's the mod!

Now, I haven't gotten a cam yet, but I have heard from some reputable people on here that the stall should be picked for the cam you want to run but ultimately get the torque converter otherwise you are MISSING OUT!
"A Camaro in the garage is safe, but that's not what Camaros are built for..."

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The stock Ford P71 crown victorias had between 2700 and 2900 rpm stall torque converters and were very driveable. By comparison, I read the camaros are around 1800 RPM stall.

I would not go any more conservative than 2700 RPM, even with a stock car that lives in traffic.

I made the mistake of camming an otherwise stock 78 Bronco before I understood how parts compliment eachother. It ran great and got 14 MPG, but was a dog below 2,000 rpm and bogged until about 25 mph on the street with its 35" tires and 3.50 gears. It REALLY needed lower gears and about a 3000 rpm stall torque converter to be more streetable.
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