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Oh my god. I have the same problem. Whenever I first start my car and have the a/c on its smells really really musty, almost cat piss like, its horrible!

But I think you guys nailed it on the head for me with the recirculation mode on. I always have it on that setting, I had no idea that leaving it on all the time would have any negative impact on the a/c.

Well I'm gonna leave it open for a few days and hope everything clears out and see if it still smells bad. Thanks.
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It shouldnt cause a problem. I have other cars and never had the problem but go figure i get a new nice car and it starts to smell like cat piss. lol However I have been running the vents and no AC and im dying in this heat but id rather have the heat than the cat piss any day!
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You should be able to use ac just don't recirculate the cabin air
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Old 08-11-2017, 03:44 AM   #18
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That smell:

Originally Posted by Speed2acer View Post
There is a recall TSB for the drain plug from the heater core. what you have is all the condensation that builds up when your ac is on dosent completely drain. it then allows mold to grow on your heater/cooling core. you may even have a noise from the passenger side that sound like a soft burbling.
What does a recall TSB mean? Does it mean dealer is suppose to fix it for free?

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Originally Posted by troop471 View Post
What does a recall TSB mean? Does it mean dealer is suppose to fix it for free?

Technical service bulletins focus on non-safety related problems that might affect vehicle performance or longevity. Parts that fail prematurely or that don't operate as they were supposed to are often the subjects of such bulletins. Technical service bulletins advise service technicians about diagnostic procedures as well repair procedures, as well as any pre-authorization procedures necessary to begin repairs. A technical service bulletins may specify the tools, techniques and required parts needed to address a problem. Technical service bulletins can alert service technicians and dealers to other issues such as changes to tire or cooing system pressure, lubricants, or other maintenance requirements.
Technical service bulletins are not recalls and do not necessarily give customers free repairs, but can indicate that the manufacturer is extending warranty coverage for specific issues for the vehicles specified. Because a vehicle is listed by make, model, year or VIN number doesn't mean every vehicle has or is likely to develop the problem. Often, the problem is only diagnosed in a small number of cars from the production run or in those operated in certain areas under certain conditions.
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