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Originally Posted by bologdl View Post
I live in Connecticut USA not all that far from you. The issue is who you talk to at Chevy customer service. I talked too several representatives some were ok some were jerks and some were willing to help and move it along. You also have to know your issue and have plenty of facts to back it up.

I was at the point in my life that this would be my last Camaro because of the issues Timing chains and two front wheel bearings at the same time but the Goodwill assistance renewed my faith in Chevy.

So if it comes downs to personal attitudes that is effed up customer service training. I say all problems start from the top down not the bottom up. GM is being run wrong....again...from the top down...but bonuses in the millions are being passed around while stock prices are stagnant, customer service in some cases suck. What does that tell you? I hope GM is listening and passes this all the way up the line.
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Well, my 2010 Camaro has the timing chain issue. Chevy (GM) doesn't seem to give a toot when we step up one at a time. Is it time for us to get together on this issue? Any lawyers willing to take this as a class action lawsuit? A first year law student should be able to win this case, they've already admitted they have a problem with the release of bulletin 12-06-01-009F.
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Does anyone have an update on this issue? I'd be happy to join the class action lawsuit and make things right.

Here's my story.

I wish I had known about not trusting the Chevy oil change schedule years ago, so I could have avoided this issue...

My car threw the P008 code at 53,000 miles, sometime around May 2017. I don't drive the car a lot (short commute!) and I've changed the oil per the car's "Oil Life" monitor. Had I known the oil life monitor was calibrated poorly (which is the reason for the recall on other vehicles with the same engine), we would have had it changed more often.

I took the car to the Chevrolet Dealership in Novato for them to to diagnose the check engine light. They confirmed that it is the P0008 code, and estimate that it will cost about $2600 to replace the timing chains.

The Camaro is out of warranty by about 2 years. The dealership I bought the car from would not offer me an extended warranty to purchase (and went out of business within months of my purchase in 2009).

I've tried dealing with GM Customer Assistance to help cover the cost of this repair:
1) The same repair is covered by a recall on other GM vehicles.
2) The car is at 53,000 miles for a part that was warrantied up to 100,000.

They took 3 to 4 weeks to respond to my request for assistance, and eventually called me to say "No" to my request because the car was out of warranty. I know it was out of warranty!! That's the exact reason I called GM Customer Assistance, otherwise I would just take it to the dealer to have it fixed.

I need to go back to Chevy Novato to see if they will help me with the cost of the repair, maybe they will take mercy on me.

I'm also going to contact the President of the customer service department about my issue and experience with his department, as it was a complete waste of my time.

I've seen people talking about filing a Class Action lawsuit for this issue on these and other Camaro forums - any luck with this?

At this point, my heart is broken. The Camaro I have loved for many years has turned out to be a LEMON, and GM is not doing anything about it.

It's likely that I'll be ditching the Camaro (whether or not I have to pay to fix it first), and never, ever purchasing a GM product again.

Any help or advice from the forum would be greatly appreciated!
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