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Post Mustangs being "chick" cars, will the Camaro?

I know I'm gonna get a lot of mustang guys firing on me but give me a second to explain.

About 2 weeks ago I was having lunch with some co-workers that brought up my black Concept Camaro model at my office. The discussion came about why I didn't like the new Mustangs (that's a whole different story) and one of the guys said on top of my reasons, it's a "chick" car. I laughed and the other guys were like "what?". He said all he's seen in the new Mustangs are girls (we live in the NW burbs of Chicago btw).

From that day on, everytime we've gone out for lunch, we look for mustangs and for fun I've been tracking (about 2 weeks), 19 girls to 2 guys were in the mustangs. Making sure not to pick the same mustangs from the day before (for the most part we tried). Ever since he said that, everytime I see a new mustang I drive up to it to see if it's another girl. 90% of the time, it is!

Well could this be the fact that the base mustangs are so affordable? If the base Camaro will be price competing with the mustangs, will the Camaro become a "chick" car like the mustang is?

Just thought to bring up something different. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing hot chicks in muscle cars too but I thought it funny that the mustang is called a chick car in my area. I just found out this morning that one of the girls in my department just bought a mustang. That reminded me to post this general surveying. I'm gonna go ask her why she bought it.

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Anyone that knows of a place that is making the Concept Shifter for the new Camaro. (Auto specifically) Please let me know.

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I think the Mustangs, in general, were definately made more
"friendly" than the last generation F-bodies. I think the F-bodies are definately for enthusiasts, I mean, there is a HUGE hump in the floor under the passenger, visibility isn't that great, long and low nose, hard to see out of the distorted windshield, blah blah blah. I think the Mustang has, for a long time, just been more driver-friendly than the Camaro.

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Mr. Wyndham
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I've noticed that very same thing! The better majority of Mustang drivers I see are women! about 65% of them, I'd say. I think another reason besides cost (which probably isn't biased towards any gender) is that the Mustang is also...'cute'.
I said it. I think the V6's appeal more to the average female crowd. Not our upstanding female members here, who've clearly seen the light. They're very weak (relatively - the V6's), and like I said, they're 'cute'. The Camaro is definitely NOT cute. it's attractive, yes. It's menacing, yes. it's powerful-looking, yes.

Will the afore mentioned females buy the V6 versions of Camaro? Undoubtedly, yes. No matter how you cut it, we WANT them to buy the V6's. It's the liferaft that the Camaro would need if all that sold were hi-po V6's and V8's. But it won't become a chick car...which is good.
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The only reason the newer Mustangs are "chick" cars is because it's daddy's money... Although, I don't see a problem with women driving sport/muscle cars. I knew a girl back in high school who drove a black 1981 Trans Am, nicer then any of the cars the boys brought in. Heck, I see more women driving Vettes then men.
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This is pretty common with any attractive 2 door. The smaller engine trim along with an automatic will be female driven and the higher HP manual will be male driven. I don't think the Mustang as a "chick" car as I do a VW Eos, Toyota Celica or similar.

The problem I'll have around my way is that in the past camaro has been synonymous with the mullet/big air crowd. So I’ll be dealing with a lot of rednecks as opposed to just performance car enthusiasts. Hopefully this will change with the new design since I think it will have a broader appeal.
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I have to say that sadly the only woman around here I've ever seen driving a muscle car is a grossly overweight woman in her 40s driving a red 3rd gen Camaro. Other then that all I've seen are guys driving all muscle cars that I see around here (which are few and far between as it is).
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From a woman's point of view, I have to say that a majority of women probably only buy a Mustang, as opposed to other cars because it's what is 'popular' for the time. A girl sees a Mustang that she likes or, as Dragon put it, is "cute" and she's like "OOHHH I want THAT one!"

Would I go over to the "Dark Side" and purchase a Mustang? HELL NO... Why? Because I find nothing remotely "cute" about it. I admit that the 03 and 04 Mustangs were pretty good looking cars... But I hate this new body style. The rear is too "blocky" looking for my tastes and the tail lights are way too big. The front is too plain looking and there's nothing going on to interest me. The V6's front end is boring and the V8's front end has those two HUGE "fog lights" in the middle of the grille. Heck, the "pony package" looks better with the smaller lights in the grille, but what was the point of having "fog lights" if they are going to be on the same level as headlights??

I was, am, and always will be a Camaro girl. Camaro just makes me think of raw muscle! Corvettes are quick and aggressive, but there is just something about the Camaro that makes it different.

Oh, and I may have a V6 now... but trust me. This girl IS getting a Z28!!!
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I definately see the Mustang as being more female friendly, particularly the convertibles. The Mustang seems to be a bit more tame but still looks like it should be fast. Camaro's have tended to be more serios in appearance and performance. Oh, there should be a poll for this topic.

While on the topic of women and mustangs, a couple years ago when I filling up the car a woman pulls up in her brand new mustang, a red convertible to be precise. She couldn't figure out how to take off the gas cap! There was absolutely no trick to it, its a normal gas cap, I knew this because she asked me to open it up for her. And in case any of you are wondering, I surely hope that she wasn't trying to 'get my attention' since she was about twice as old as me. I know this woman doesn't represent all female Mustang owners, but she sure reminded me of the stereotype. If she was 17 she would have fit the bill perfectly
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
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The majority of the Mustangs I see are female driven. Not that I don't see guys driving them as well.

I, personally, know of one girl that drives a yellow V6 'vert (as metioned before, in my area yellow is a girls color), one guy drives a black GT and one girl drives a red GT.

I know another girl that used to have a white 2000 V6 Mustang.

And I agree with acscamarochick (which seems to be becoming a trend lol) that the body style before the '05's was the best looking.
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Mustangs back in 94 is when it seemed to become a girls car. I remember it was just after the game Outrun came onto the arcade scene. People saw corvette verts with a long blodne ponytail hanging out the back. High school girls started driving their daddy's vette if they could. Daddy's who didn't trust their daughters or wanted to give their daughters their own car went out convertible shopping. What's a cheap car that looks fast and has a convertible top? Not civics, not mr2's, not rx-7's. Miatas and mustangs are the two cars that come to mind. Since snobby daddy is cheap daddy or just doesn't trust his daughter, he buys her the 6 cyl. She gets a popular car that looks like her boyfriend's GT, with a convertible top, and daddy's vette is safe again.

I see the same thing with camaro 6 cyl, but not as often. Was there even a vert 4th gen? I don't think it would look as appealing as the 94-99 mustang if there was.

The mustang has stayed that way since around that time. I think girls will still want the mustang more than the camaro, but there will be a few camarochicks (not ours) who will buy the 6 convertible if offered.
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I own a Mustang, but I will agree that I see more girls driving the new Mustang (05-present) than guys. I think it's a car that women find attractive, just like Jetta's and many other VW's. I own an 04 Stang, and I see more guys driving this model than women.

Personally, I think the new Mustang looks hideous, and even after four years it still hasn't grown on me. And when our new Camaro is unleashed, I'll probably be a Camaro owner for life...or until I get so old that a sports car isn't comfortable to drive. But, that's not gonna be an issue for a looong time.

Regarding the mullet comment: I have heard that many times, but I think it was probably third gens that got that reputation, right?

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Girls usually go for Mustangs, it has that "girly" attraction to it, although, there are a severe lack of options at the current time, (ergo the mustang being the only choice ) i would MUCH rather see a girl driving a Camaro than a Mustang
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Usually if I see a woman driving a Mustang it's a V6. If it's a GT it's usually a guy.
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