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Whiteline Suspension - The Truth and history***

To go along with my other thread regarding BC Racing coilovers I have been asked by many customers to talk about who Whiteline Suspension is.

While Whiteline may not be a common name in the domestic car world, it is considered in the import world to be the top brand in poly bushings. Whether it's a 1000hp supra or GTR on down to a purpose built rally fighter evo, The Whiteline brand is considered to be the best.

Well if that's true then why hasn't the domestic market heard about them? Pretty simple actually. Whiteline is one of the largest manufacturers in the world for poly bushings. Most people know them as Red Ranger in the manufacturing world. They manufacture for many different brands some of which are very well known.

A breif history of Red Ranger and Whiteline Supension. In 1974 Greg Nolan started a company called Nolathane. Many industry professionals regard Greg Nolan as a pioneer in the poly industry and genius in design. In 1992 Red Ranger purchased Nolathane from Greg and continued offering the best poly in the world. After a 5 year noncompete expired Greg Nolan started another company called Noltec. Greg continued innovating and in 2008, Red Ranger again acquired Greg's company and the Whiteline Plus catalog was born. To keep with this tradition, Greg's Son now works for Red Ranger in marketing. All of which can found on the internet.

So why does this matter to you? In our industry there is a lot of what's called industry secrets. Simply put, what the consumer isn't supposed to know. The reason they don't want you to know this is so they can protect their margins and keep consumers in the dark. I mean we all know that the big brand name cable at the local electronics store cost pennies on the dollar compared to the retail price right? So you have a choice. Buy the inflated cable with fancy packaging out of "convenience" or order from a distributor/manufacturer.

OK I hear what you're saying but this other brand offers a better warranty. Not anymore. Whiteline introduced a new lifetime warranty at SEMA on ALL poly products!

That's all well and good but you just want to sell product. This is true to an extent. Without customers we can't keep the lights on. However, this is not my motivation behind these threads. It has been insinuated that I have an axe to grind as well. Let me set the record straight. I will take on ANY company that I see lying to a customer. There's no reason for it and it most certainly hurts our industry as a whole.

Now I realize that when I make a thread like this it often steps on a few toes and most certainly irritates some people. With that comes some serious backlash. I have heard my name brought up on more than one occasion in very negative manners. I accept this fact as I've never been the type to just "fall in line and do what you're told." I started customizing model cars when I was a kid which grew to the real thing when I was 15. I eventually decided to go to school to learn the proper techniques for customization and now run my own shop doing it full time.

Why does this matter? It really doesn't but what I will tell you is this business is not about the money to me. It's not about selling parts or getting trophies. I know what it's like to be proud of the vehicle you drive around in. A vehicle that you've had in your head for years and then to finally see it done is simply indescribable. I also know what it's like to get screwed over by companies and pay too much for something because of greed. It tarnishes the feeling you get when you see the car completed.

So in all of that I know this will upset of few people in the industry and there will no doubt be some calls to Australia and FROM Australia as well. SO if you don't see me post in a while I've probably been put in a and "taken care of."

Here's a couple of videos for you to take a look at as well that explain some of the history of Whiteline Suspension.

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