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My experience has been that they devalue your vehicle because of the mods when you trade it in but then add the vale back when they try to sell it. As stated above private sell. I always go with them when they test drive it.
2011 Synenergy Green 2SS/RS Automatic.
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Originally Posted by Camaro2ss2010 View Post
BOAT=Break out another thousand. Iíve owned a few and this is how it always goes.
tell me about it... my family has 3 boats, and never have all 3 been running properly at the same time lol
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Rebuild a cigar boat with a 502 bb make the boat all sound runs over 80mph then uses $200 a hr in gas then when you sell it canít barely get $10k they are constant projects thatís why we sold ours always needed something even with brand new parts stuff still leaked went wrong after so many hrs, itís basically a hot rod thatís all it will be. Itís worse in water when things go wrong though lol Iíd rather have my vette than the boat
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Cheap Guy
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The problem with boats is that just like with cars, people always want to tinker with them, then drive them hard (lots of places with no speed limits) and then break them and get pissed off. Speedboats are fun in small doses but after burning up expensive gas and draining your pocket for repairs it will leave a sour taste in your mouth. I’ve had a cruiser for a couple of decades and it has been relatively cheap, definitely cheaper than a psychiatrist or lawyer!
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Originally Posted by DRKS1D3 View Post
These guys are right. Mods will almost never add any value to a vehicle when traded.

If you're dead-set on trading it in, it all depends on the dealer. When I traded my SS, it was cammed, etc., etc., etc.. The Chevy dealer that I deal with, sells a lot of Corvettes and they are accustomed to buying/selling modded vehicles. They gave me $$$ more than what my car was actually worth by a considerable amount, but this is a rarity and most dealers will not care (or even frown upon engine mods). Try to find a cool (mod friendly) dealer and give them a shot. IMHO, this is your best bet.
This is an excellent point. Depending on where you are, look for a Chevy dealer that sponsors a club, Camaro, Corvette, doesn't matter. Or at least, as stated sells a lot of them. They will have client base prone to appreciating the car. Sales people will have "looking for" lists of prospects. I've seen trades like that get sold almost before the previous owner could get all their stuff out of it. not kidding.
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If it flies, floats, or f**s it's cheaper to rent it.
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Street King Kid
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Boat ownership

Originally Posted by '10CamaroDude View Post
Boat (bōt):
A hole in water which sucks up money.
The closest thing to owning a boat would be to put on a raincoat, get in the shower and turn it on full blast while pouring all of your money down the drain!
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Originally Posted by DRKS1D3 View Post
These guys are right. Mods will almost never add any value to a vehicle when traded.
In fact, the dealer will tell you, "Take 'em out!"

They don't want them, for warranty purposes. Say you put a supercharger
on, they will not want to warranty that as part of their power-train
warranty. Some states require used car dealers to provide consumers with a
specific warranty that places a time/mileage limit on the warranties coverage.

States that Do Not Allow 'As Is' Car Sales:

  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Rhode Island
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • D.C.
Every car I have traded in to a dealer, gave me a price, then I would
say, I need to remove some modifications; they said, please do! I asked
if they will effect the trade value, and a quick NO was the answer. I had
one dealer offer me more than the car was worth because one of the
salesmen wanted the car. IT was a 2000 Avenger ES... He wanted
everything in it, the CD changers (yes two of them), and everything else
I put into it. I got $500 above the trade in value. That was the one and
ONLY time that has happened.
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If you were in Texas, I'd recommend Texas Hot Rides! They buy, sell and trade modified cars! Their clientele are people looking for already modified vehicles so they will give you a very good price for your car! I took my Camaro to them and was going to trade for a CTS-V Wagon....the only reason I didn't was because my wife got upset at the idea of selling the Camaro! It does have sentimental value! I'm happy now that I didnt sell it for that reason! However, the price I was offered was more than fair! Keep in mind though that you can get maximum price with a private sale!
I love GOD! I love my family! I love fast cars!
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