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I can't believe nobody in the minivan and Camaro had seat belts on. People are so stupid and oblivious.
Vans/minivans/SUV's full of people (especially kids) are sometimes just as dangerous as drunk driving. There is so much potential for distraction.
On a side note, check out how intact the passenger compartment is on the Camaro!
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after 3 seat belt tickets, i gave up lol.
Originally Posted by Good2go View Post

I don't even start the vehicle before buckling up.
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when I met my wife she had a five year old who didn't think she needed to where a seatbelt. I couldn't very well get she to were it if I didn't, so I got into the habit. 25 years later I am uncomfortable without it and that little girl has a 5 year old and thay don't move the car without seat belt and car seat.
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Originally Posted by AdamZ View Post
Im sorry but if you don't wear a seat are just stupid.
I totally agree with you! In 2008 my son was a passenger in a car that hit standing water on the highway. The can spun and the rear hit a bank. My son was thrown our the hatchback (Trans Am) 100' and then the car landed on his leg. He is soo lucky. Ended up with a screwed up leg and a broken neck. It's a miracle that he wasn't killed.
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Old 05-27-2013, 12:30 AM   #33
Doz El Dude
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I don't go anywhere without a seatbelt on. But a few years back a cousin of mine swerved to miss a deer without a seatbelt and was ejected. He only lived because he didn't wear it based on how much the cab was destroyed and mangled. Rare case.
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Old 05-27-2013, 03:20 AM   #34
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I never wore a seatbelt when I was younger but lost a few friends that didn't wear that would have lived if they had wore them. I don't want to be that influence on someone else. I feel naked without one now.
Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit, what a ride!"
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Originally Posted by tonyko1 View Post
Yeah, no seatbelts, that is the root cause.

Nice kneejerk reaction to it all. In the end, everyone survived and they will be more careful next time...

Love the bleached blonde "reporter", too dumb for porn.
This entire post is nonsense.

Seatbelts are obviously not the cause of the accident, but increase the risk of injury and fatality in case of an accident.

And your comment of the reporter for being a woman and blonde is embarrassingly misogynistic.
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Originally Posted by SgtPickles69 View Post
Not putting on my seat belt feels unnatural to me.
And flying into the steering wheel, and windshield is a natural thing? When I was a lot younger, seatbelt laws did not exist. I wrecked my 77 Z-28 7 days after I bought it. Hit a phone pole, and ended up on someone's front porch. Was not wearing a belt, and me and my friend were OK. But we were lucky. I have seen my share of wrecks where if the people were belted in, they would have survived. Working at a drag strip I have seen people wearing the belts which are required no matter what type of car you drive, hit walls and find out they did not have the belts on tightly, and chest up into the steering wheel. Have a friend who got into a crash with no belt at 15 mph and broke a couple of ribs.
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2013 Camaro as well... Didn't enjoy it for a long time then...
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An update from this morning said the 2 adults from the Camaro and 2 adults from the minivan are all in critical condition but no word on the condition of any of the kids. I am still just sickened by knowing no one was wearing a seatbelt including the kids who just wanted to play basketball & the 2 under 2 yo kids were not in a car seat.
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Originally Posted by jshaf View Post
I have to admit when I go just down the street to pick up what ver at the convienence store I don't put on the seat belt but any farther than that and it goes on. always feel like I am "locked in" and ready for some spirited driving when I am buckled up.
If you are going to be involved in an accident, chances are it will happen close to your home. They found that 52% were involved in accidents within five miles from there home and 69% were involved in accidents within ten miles from their home. Only 17% of those polled experienced accidents beyond twenty miles from his or her home
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The damage on the 2 vehicles really isn't that bad. If everybody was properly restrained the injuries would have been far less severe. I've seen a woman get 3 tickets at $1500 apiece for not putting her children in car seats. That was after she flipped her SUV and was lucky nobody was injured. Some people can't learn from other's mistakes.
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Not wearing seat belts is part of natural selection.
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I think insurance companies should not pay if proved no belts were worn, (repairs or replacement cost). Having been an ER Nurse...I've seen more than I care to remember. The worst was a man was ejected and his head hit a street sign, cut off his forehead. No did not survive, cost the county plenty, EMS, Police , ER Drs, and funeral. Rural yet on a busy Interstate.
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