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Old 10-14-2017, 11:43 AM   #15
Dr feelgood
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Op......just run him and then we can talk about the outcome. Races are not won and lost on the internet thank christ. You may may not but you will have fun.

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Diesel trucks run turbos so a simple tune turns up the boost. That's all it takes with a turbo. He might give you a good run but unless he really knows what he's doing I'm guessing you can take him.
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Old 10-23-2017, 04:03 PM   #17
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When you sit up there at 20ft from the ground on a tuned diesel truck the feeling is that it is a racing machine, especially launching on 4x4. I love diesels but they are not as fast as they feel. My stock 2010 was faster than my friends tuned fords and dodges.
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Old 11-04-2017, 04:35 PM   #18
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I have an lmm duramax tuned with EFI live (stock,40,90,160,and 225hp) options from a 5 position switch along with K&N intake, FASS lift pump, sinister Cat filter upgrade, and 4" turbo back exhaust. The truck is fast for what it is but you need to remember a few things first....the power to weight puts him at a huge disadvantage. the amount of lag he will have on a stock setup will be astronomical, and his EGTs on a big tune will likely defuel the truck around the 1000' ft mark if not sooner. My dmax is fast but my 2010 ss stock is still quicker.
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Old 01-22-2018, 09:01 AM   #19
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He will get you off the line for sure assuming he takes off in 4wd. Gotta be careful with diesels, I got walked by a cummins last summer and my car is FBO, decetn size cam, and ported heads. He ended up finding me on social media and told me the truck made something like 1300 tq. Would have never guessed by looking at it.
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Old 01-22-2018, 03:32 PM   #20
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I have a '14 Duramax, and have spanked tons of kids in their cars on Woodward cruise nights off of the red lights. Nobody sees a 8000 pound truck coming when it beats them to 50-60 MPH. I never go past that, way too many cops around. Last year there was a kid in an M5 next to me...Revving at every light...So I rolled down the window and gave him the look...We took off and it wasn't close, I was far ahead. He got his hood to tow mirror by the end of first but when he went for second I gained more ground again and by the time he would have passed me, we would have probably been doing highway speed on a 45 mph road, closely watched by cops at 9PM on a Friday night.

If you car is a manual, you'd best prepare to lose until you get her moving good. If you're an auto, I see it being tight for the first 100-200 feet but then you walking away. Now if he goes deleted + tuned route, then he could easily be knocking down 1300+ TQ and may haul you for as long as he stays on it.
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Old 01-27-2018, 10:34 AM   #21
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Did it happen yet?
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Old 02-16-2018, 10:21 AM   #22
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Similar times to what a stock '10 Camaro has...interesting. Hopefully I can get my LTs and TB installed before we race ))
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Originally Posted by aquaholic View Post
Did it happen yet?
Not yet, he's in California and I'm in Indiana so hopefully this spring we can meet up. Also, just got my long tube headers and high flow cats installed and I'm getting a tune done in about a week. That should help me out some
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Hopefully he doesn't care about his warranty. Brand new diesel and once he flashes the ECU he's toast.
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