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oh snap you mean that touch less car wash down the street is stripping the paint of my car? yea ok. I'll believe that when I see it. owned several black cars/trucks and never had issues out of those. Only the ones with brushes where some jackass has taken his muddy vehicle and ran it through there.

now this guy you talked to is what I'd like to call money dumb. he's got money and spends it with out thinking. And the sad part is people like him are why salesmen think they can pull one over on everyone. It's why Hendrik Chevrolet in Cary tried to tell me my duramax had an engine whine. It's why Deacon Jones Chevrolet told me it would cost me 10k over MSRP to order a 2010 before the release. And it's why I laugh and tell them I can fly anywhere in the country get a better deal and drive back spending less then 1k. And why my dad went all the way to michigan to get a convertible.

You always have to laugh at dealerships when they realize you know more about their products then they do. But yet still try to pull one over. I usually give 3 tries. if they don't start dealing straight I walk.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
We do not want to use the Z28 moniker on a car that does not deserve this hallowed name.
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Originally Posted by alaskacamaro View Post
I got similar stories from a few dealerships when I was shopping for a ZL1. Got told they were only making 50 2012 models so the price was going to be 15K over MSRP....what a load of s##t!!! Do dealers really thing that most of us haven't done some research before we set foot in the showroom? Its a shame that this owner got taken advantage of and makes me mad that there is a lack of ethics that some dealers have. I will never understand why they cannot be honest. It brings customers back, not drives them away.....
Most of them are raised and trained to be sharks. It is a damn shame that they take advantage of honest people who don't know no better. Purchasing your first car is suppose to be enjoyable and memorable. But these sales people like to deprive the customers from that.:(
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