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I also think last month's sales may have taken a dip because of the model year change-over as well. I run forums for the GM Lambda crossovers and have tracked sales for them for over 3 years now and each year around the time of the model year switch, there's a dip in sales. I assume it's because buyers start deciding to hold off on purchasing a 2010 when they know the 2011s will be out within a month. A VERY small percentage of regular car buyers custom order cars. They just visit the dealership and buy the one on the lot that comes closest to matching their color and option preferences. Those are the buyers that hold off purchasing a 2010 on the lot when they read or hear that the 2011s are just around the corner... and they happen to make up the bulk of all purchases.
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Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
Best selling GM vehicles...

1. Chevrolet Silverado @ 30,994 units sold.
2. Chevrolet Malibu @ 20,720 units sold.
3. Chevrolet Impala @ 14,451 units sold.
4. Chevrolet Equinox @ 11,490 units sold.
5. GMC Sierra @ 11,441 units sold
6. Chevrolet Traverse @ 11,371 units sold.
7. Chevrolet Cobalt @ 10,141 units sold.
8. Chevrolet Camaro @ 7,540 units sold.
9. Chevrolet Tahoe @ 6,809 units sold.
10. Chevrolet Express @ 6,535 units sold.

Camaro's pretty far from being top-selling.
Sorry everybody, my bad.
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Hot Rod
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I'm holding out buying my Camaro until it comes with 0% financing. I really hope that happens before December when Synergy Green gets discontinued.
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Originally Posted by Char1ieone View Post
Quite frankly if you think about, the Camaro has been doing fantastic in sales as there has really been no marketing for it all, unless you consider the Transformer movies. Analyze things okay, the new mustang has put up a deal of marketing in tv spots and magazine ads just to sell 8,900 units in June, that's just 1,400 more units than the Camaro which really has no marketing for it really. The 5th gen Camaro itself has become a pop icon within the past two years with just word of mouth and such not just with car enthusiasts and adults but children as well.

If you have child pick between a toy mustang or toy camaro they picked the Cam because of bumblebee. I know that Cam-heads are rolling their eyes cause of transformers and that's fine, but what that does is make the Camaro more apparent to the adults because of what their child likes or is interested in.

So in consideration on how little money that GM has put into marketing quite possibly their top selling vehicle, the amount of units that sold in comparison just under 1500 units from the Stang and also the huge amount of anticipation of the Z28 and convertible still to come with current sales still strong. The Camaro and GM has been a great success even with these sales, the true outlook and final comparison will probably be within 5 months of the new mustang sales to see how they slide or increase on both companies to determine a true pony car winner.
well considering how well the 2 Transformers movies did at the box office (GM "advertised" not only the Camaro, but youll see 90% of the Transformers who are also automobiles are all GM products) id say thats a hell of a commercial.

but its just GM's old formula again.

look at what Ford's doing and then try to 1 up it. its 1967 again (well technically the camaro debuted in a 67 model). but regardless...theyre doing a throwback to the 60's just like Ford did. Almost everything Chevy did with the Camaro is a duplicate of Fords formula for success with the current Mustang. Like it was stated earlier...this is a brand new car with fresh/retro styling. its VERY eye catching and people like that. of course it will sell...its "the new thing". but nothing stays new forever.

i ask this...what do you guys honestly think GM can do to 1 up itself now? theres already talk of an interior refresh. So soon? the cars barely a year old. also, how well will this car hold up over time? ive had 3 brand new mustangs and have never had any warranty issues (including on my brand new 2005 GT that i beat the hell out of). will this new Camaro be able to make the same claim?
the looks are classic...after all it was patterned after the most beautiful camaro ever built (the first generations). but whats going to happen when people get tired of this style...when its "old" (which doesnt take long as we all know). i ask will GM top this one? theyve got their work cut out for them.
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Originally Posted by oachalon View Post
GM might actually have to spend some money marketing the car. I see the mustang commercial all the time.
It doesn't need a fancy commercial to help sales.

The Camaro sales it self. That's pretty much how it has been since it came out.

Yeah it's a couple of commercials, but the commercials it's in don't single out the Camaro they're about all of GM.
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I'm sure the Camaro marketing dept still got a healthy paycheck so I don't get the silence either.
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They really won't need to worry about one upping themselves for quite awhile. They have the convertible coming out in late 2010 I think and the Z28 a year later and they're just adding the slight options to the new years such as the Hurst shifted and HUD to name few. Besides they are already planning it in talks of the possible 6th gen going to a different platform to reduce weight and get better fuel economy. I really dont see this generation running as long as the 4th, I would hope to think that GM learned a lesson from the 3rd and 4th gens and not have a line drag for so long. GM has plenty of options that can run for another 5 years before moving to Gen-6.
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I never understood why GM puts no marketing money into the Camaro. IMO I still say the demise of the 4th gen came from no marketing. The 5th gen is a hit from all corners and has attracted people who never thought about a Camaro before but, I think Chevy can sell alot more if they did marketing. I never been a ford man but one thing I can say for them is that they spend money on mustang marketing and always have.
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Frank in MD
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Originally Posted by BacktoGM View Post
Its interesting that ALL the car mags decided to compare the 2011 Mustang with the 2010 Camaro. Why didn't they wait to compare model years? Then they could have displayed the better HP numbers of the 2011 Camaro. (as well HUD...)
B/c aside from HUD on 2LT and 2SS there is no difference between 10's and 11's. The V6 didn't get a new engine, it just got certified. The V6 was always producing 312 @ the crank.
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I've seen 3 different Challenger commercials in the past couple of weeks.
Still no Camaro commercials.
I'm seeing 2010 V6 mustang's advertised locally for $15,000.
must-nag fans:"yeaaaah we win."
um yeah, you gave cars away.
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Well being every time I go somewhere people are pointing, waving, giving thumbs up towards the Camaro, I doubt they really need any advertizing yet...I can't count also how many times I have seen a small boy saying something to their mom or dad while pointing at our car... Also i know of at least 5 people telling me this week that the Camaro is going to be ther next car...
Advertizing? well owners do more advertizing just by driving these dream machines....
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Personally I like the Challenger commercial, the whole July 4th theme was pretty cool....
Agree, wish GM would market the Camaro a little more...
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GM's bread and butter has always been their trucks and SUVs. Face it, the Camaro is a niche car and they will keep making them as long as it is a profitable unit. Today's business model requires a demand and a shorter shelf life. If the demand for the Camaro starts to wane it won't be a hard decision to stop making them. I love all of the muscle cars but I can't buy a new one every year. Supply and demand. Keep cost low to keep profits high. I for one will be worried when GM has to saturate the airwaves with Camaro ads. Ford had to in order to reclaim some market share and refocus buyer's attention on their "new" product. If GM is forced to spend $ on Camaro marketing and it fails, then what? I do agree that Chevys website should be updated. Today's car buying public wants info now and are less likely to start their shopping in a dealership. They are online.

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nice and to think that 1 of those 2010 Camaro's was mine
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