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Sesiom Summers
Drives: Camaro Z-28 2001 / 2015 50th GT
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Red face Soon I get my brand new Camaro 2SS, could help me with some tip?

C5 hello friends, I have been reading your forums for ... 1 year, when I saw the first camaro, I would like to tell the story of how the camaro changed my life, even to decide that I wanted to study at the University, then began.
actually before knowing the camaro ... the automotive world did not attract me at all, or never consider having a muscle car, actually I was very excited to have the Hyundai Genesis, because my focus was more on the side of the cars from the faraway continent, one day driving by the city in the Subaru STI from my father, I heard a loud sound was like a brom-brom-brom brom I thought it was a harley davidson so look back but could only see cars, the light turned green, I accelerated and leave all the cars back, when I saw the car side mirror, I saw the logo of chevrolet approaching very fast, like a roar to much stronger every moment, in a moment I saw as a silver car behind me stopped easily (not just any car could do what that chevy did), I was in shock, what the hell is that Chevrolet, so try to accelerate, honestly I've never managed that way, but I wanted to know the name of that car, unfortunately in a straight line down the highway, the car accelerated to full speed, and I lost sight of the car.

past 3 months and I assist the event called (Bogota's international expo show) I take lots of pictures and I had fun, to get to stand chevy ... it was more crowded than usual, so I got between him alfrente public to be of the same car I saw on the highway, was only inches from the car but it was incredible, huge, furious that it was not the chevy I'm used to seeing and obviously was not a corvette, walking among all the people I get to the window side of that car and I could finally see his name ... but it was strange I had the same name as many rusty old cars or my country, camaro ... also had 2 stickers on the sides that read Hennesey, was a beautiful car, unique in the world, had not only look back one camaro on the show had other, less flashy but more to my taste I did not have a logo Hennesey the light silver sides was only one of the exhibitors were setting out, all was well and happy ... until he said the price ... 75k dollars, everything was broken within me and my gaze was sad among all these people so happy, my father saw that I talk to one of the vendors and my father called me at that time the speaker, opened the door camaro and offered to sit in the Camaro, unable to speak well and I accept and I could see everything inside it was ... just perfect, that sencasion that the car is completely rigid and ... muscles not only was outside, but inside the car was just awesome

at one point the speaker gave me the key, and told me to start, but without starting the engine, so you just turn the key a little, in that car all comes to life, everything is filled with a blue hue and when I look I saw the front of all people seemed chevy logo .. and then a velocity meter, guys forgive me for being such a fanboy but the first time I see something like this, finally, the day passed and all this happened so slow and had so much fun that I think that day will never forget, but the price was impossible for someone like me .. 75k! ... FOLLOWING months, buy books, scale models and all I could report that it was a camaro and the long tradition that has, I'm really talking about one of the most significant cars in automotive history, I learned everything, the 4 generations previous one special model called the Z28, it was amazing that many people in my country, own Camaros from different generations and do not know the piece of history that is, I liked both the camaro I decided to study Industrial Design, and later a specialization in automotive design, each that I can read and see news about camaro, I realized that this car is made for me, actually i found the car I want and I'd like to be up to the day when this car becomes a classic hahaha

3 days ago my father told me that on Saturday (today) I'll do the first test drive, and if I help to pay the monthly fees, the Camaro will be mine, so hacepte, so now choose the color and finally be able to have my piece of history with 400 horsepower

those who have read such a long history, thanks, it is a beautiful true story! is my story! ps i now I have a bit scary, is seen to be somewhat difficult to handle, for example has a large blind spot or the nose is very high and I can not see the end of capo I have many doubts about how to care for or how to handle the camaro and if they could give me advice and wish me luck would be very very useful

well this this all thanks for your time

sorry for ma baaad english hehehee
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Drives: Mercedes E350
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Very cool story man!
2009 E92 M3.
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Drives: 2012 Camaro 2SS Transformer Edition
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You seem very thoughtful, inquisitive, and accepting to others' views. You are an outstanding addition to this fine forum. You're observations are already spot on and you may or may not be right to be scared, but you are dead on in showing respect to the knowledge you have.
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greenisgood's Avatar
Drives: 2011 2ss/rs
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Great story, good to know that somewhere in the future there will be another auto designer with the passion for what makes cool cars cool!

My tip for the Camaro is just take it easy until you get used to it, then enjoy!!

Good luck
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The Shadoww
Black on Black on Black
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Cool story, bro. Let's hear it again.
Fur realz doe. Fist thing you do when you get it, spend the night in it. Osmosis will take over and you and the car will become one. If you find it hard to sleep in the car, do like me.. Get drunk then pass out in passenger seat.
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Drives: 2010 2lt chevy camaro
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meraaaaaa!!!!!!! bienvenidos al club de camaros online lol is great to have you man and we all share that passion trust me at least i do.. i sometimes sit in my porch with a drink just to stare at it and enjoy his looks man sexyy so good luck and drive safe!
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Drives: 2013 CRT 1SS/RS
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fantastic story kinda like my own
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Old 10-23-2011, 01:01 AM   #8
Chu no guat a hasa is?
Drives: 14 Jeep G Cherokee Overland HEMI
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Guelcon maing.
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El Chupacabra
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That is an awesome story. You deserve a Camaro.
El Chupacabra
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Shadow Camaro
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Drives: Rally Yellow 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS M6
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Haha, the whole time i was reading this i was thinking of a little cancer kid making a wish :P. Its awesome that you are so passionate and that you did what you had to do to realize your dream of owning it. Not everyone posseses that kind of drive.

Rotofab CAI, SW LT Headers and High Flow Cats, SW Cat-Back, Eibach Pro rear wheel spacers, SS Grill Insert, Street Scene Front Splitter, Blacked out rear emblem, blacked out bezels, plasti-dipped lower bumper, plasti-dipped rims with yellow pinstriping, dyed interior stitching yellow, 2x Kicker CVR 12's w/ 1200 watt kicker amp. MORE TO COME!
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